Interiors // Nursery tour

I love Wilf’s nursery, it might not have any fancy painting skills or posh furniture but it is my favourite room in the house. I love hanging out in here during the day with my little man whilst I sort out his clothes washing or have a tidy. 

The room has a bit of a woodland theme, but we didn’t want anything over the top. It is also a bit of a mish mash of furniture that has mostly been inherited from grandparents, parents, family friends or bought from Ikea!

Next to the chest of drawers are those essentials, a laundry basket and a nappy bin! Then underneath we have a cloud storage box filled with nappy changing items. We keep the changing mat under the cot as we decided early on that we didn’t want a changing table and I am so glad we made that choice.

The aeroplane shelf was in Dunc’s room when he was a boy and so we had to have it in here. The nursing chair was my great-grandmothers. My aunt re-upholstered it but we still want to keep it in good condition, hence the throw. The small table was made by Dunc’s grandad and has been so useful.

The Somerset print is one that I bought a few years ago, I love this artists work and we wanted it to be part of the nursery as it has lots of special places highlighted on it.

Above his cot is a custom name garland from Secret Craft House, a print, photo, shelf and some bits I crafted.

There are lots of other nice touches around the room too, including greenery, shoes, toys and books.

We have a chest by the door which is full of blankets and has a memory box on top which I couldn’t resist. Wilf likes to use this as a drum. His racoon nursery bag is also a hit and hangs on the hooks we bought from Ikea alongside his dressing gown, flat cap and a ‘born in 2016’ hanger we were gifted.

This room has really developed since Wilf has been born. We had new carpet down and the furniture and blind were in place before he was born, but most of the items which really bring the room together have either been gifted or bought since he has been here. I guess it just felt odd to have a fully decorated room before even meeting him. We needed to know him to make the space his. 

We still have some bits to do such as put up book shelves so I will update you once that is done!

I hope you have enjoyed this tour, I don’t know about you but I love a good nosey around people’s homes!


An update // April has sprung

After a very slow March, April is finally here, hopefully with sunnier skies, warmer days, plenty of Wilf chatter and all the Spring flowers.

So what does this month have in store for us? Well, we have a few busy weekends full of catching up with friends and family and even a wedding on Easter weekend (poor timing people, come on). The wedding is a few hours drive away in Surrey and as Wilf wasn’t invited we will be having our first whole night away from him. Aaaahhh. Not quite sure how I feel about it to be honest.

Speaking of Wilf, April sees him turn eleven months old, his last milestone before turning one! How is that even possible? We need to start planning his birthday party pronto.

Said party will be held in our garden which means we need to crack on with tidying up all the mess left over from the wall being sorted (hurrah), painting the wall, buying and erecting a shed, painting the shed and sowing grass seed as I am fed up of looking at ugly ‘borders’ we inherited that we can’t really afford to fill with lots of pretty plants. Lots to do so we need to get a move on!

The garden needs some attention this month

Of course Easter has rolled around again, I feel the need to do some Easter baking, mostly to blame for this is Jane’s patisserie as she just keeps cranking out loads of amazing looking bakes that I NEED to recreate. I also need to eat some mini eggs stat as no Easter chocolate has passed my lips so far this year. I wish we were having another Easter gathering as I loved last years.

Last years Easter goodies
I also need to renew my passport and get a new one for Wilf as we need to get flights booked for another wedding, this time abroad, later this year (though not far away now).

And I feel a major spring clean coming on, I had a big clear out a few weeks back and need to get some stuff on Ebay and get a load of stuff off to the charity shop. It always feels so good to de-clutter and tidy. I feel a lot more ruthless about my ‘stuff’ since having Wilf.

I do need to buy some Spring/Summer clothes though. After being pregnant last year I haven’t really got much that suits me anymore/fits me/has aged well so an Asos spree might be on the horizon.

So a busy and expensive month awaits us then! Oh joy!!


In my head // What happiness is to me

I’ve had a wierd few weeks. My emotions have been all over the place and I haven’t quite felt, well, very me. After hearing it is national happiness day I thought about what makes me happy to help me remember those little nuggets of pure elation.

Wilf looking at me, smiling at me, holding his arms out to me

Dunc sneaking up and giving me a surprise kiss and a cuddle

Monty’s white paws

Pulling a perfectly baked cake out the oven

Hanging clothes out on the washing line

Folding up clothes washing

Timing starting a tub of ben and jerrys with good trashy tele

An afternoon walk in the fields behind our house

Finding a new piece of clothing that fits like a dream, is comfortable and looks great

Standing in a warm shower

Keeping plants alive

Curling up into fresh bedding

Not having money woes hanging over our heads

Dreaming of holidays

Remembering how I grew a teeny Wilf inside me and how I gave birth to him and how flipping amazing that is

Having a spare bulb waiting when one blows

Reverse parking like a dream in one take

The moon shining brightly into the bathroom

Crouching in the garden, eating the first fruit of the crop

Having a clean and tidy house

Drinking a crisp cider in a field whilst funk music plays

Realising the book you are reading is ruddy fab

Finding parent and child parking at the supermarket

Walking home in the rain

Remembering there is chocolate in the house

When Dunc looks at me and everything else seems so small

There are so many amazing things in our lives that make us happy and it is lovely to step back and remember that. 

I would love to know what would make your list.


Digital life // Pinterest inspo

I used to bloody love Pintetest but I haven’t done much scrolling for a while. I feel like my feed is full of the same old chuff that I’ve seen for ages, or, loads and loads of pins dinstantly linked to one curveball that I once pinned.

I used to find people from my notifications but since they merged it all I find it hard to do that now.

I really need some new accounts to follow on there and would love to know your accounts and even anyone that you follow.

Please leave your usernames in the comments below and I will hit you up. I would also love to know if anyone else is also experiencing this Pinterest dip (sideways smile emoji).


Parenting // A new chapter

Monday was the start of our next chapter, of my life as a working mum.

I made the most of my last few days with Wilf before Monday, including this sleepy snuggle on Sunday afternoon.

I got everything ready for our first real day apart. I sorted our lunches, packed my bag, got my outfit ready and wrote up his schedule for his doting grandparents. 

Then I barely slept on Sunday night. Then Wilf slept in for half an hour, giving me loads of time to get ready. Then I got loads of lovely messages from friends and family wishing me well. Then everyone at work was so welcoming. Then work was actually okay. Then I got a message from said grandparents to let me know how great Wilf was being and I felt more relaxed. Then I got into work and then I started clock watching. Then I came home to masses of cuddles and smiles and clapping and kisses (read, open mouthed face plants) and I was in heaven. Then we put together his new walker and he was in heaven too. Walking as quickly as he could around the living room, gripping onto the handle so tightly whilst giving us the biggest smiles.

So I guess where I’m going with this is that all in all it was actually okay. Just because something is different, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. We all need challenges. Maternity leave life can’t just continue forever.  It that doesn’t mean that the next chapter won’t be as good. 

I don’t know if these ramblings make sense. It is late and I’ve had a long day, I just had to write my thoughts down.

Here’s hoping that day number two goes as well…


Parenting // Nine months in, nine months out

Last Sunday Wilf reached the big nine month mark. I still can’t get my head around how fast time is going. I can’t understand how nine months have passed. People always told me that it would go quickly, I just never imagined it would be this fast. I think it has been emphasised by my friend having a baby in February, seeing how tiny and still he is, then turning to see Wilf crawling everywhere, pulling himself up on everything, just sitting up even. I can’t picture him being so tiny.

It also seems crazy that he has been here as long as he was tucked up inside me all safe and sound. My pregnancy was not fun and it felt like it went on forever, definitely more so than the time that he has been here.

So where is my little man at? Well like I said he is all over the place, crawling at great speeds and pulling himself up on everything, even if there isn’t much to grip onto he still finds a way onto his feet. 

He smiles all the time, even when his teeth bother him we can still get some amazing smiles and giggles. Mostly with kisses, making silly noises or singing like a loon. But he has started to get a bit upset if I leave the room, more so than in the past. 

He still loves to put everything in his mouth and his socks are a current favourite. He loves to play with Monty’s cat toys which confuses Monty greatly and he loves Monty loads. He still squeals with delight each time he sees him and enjoys chasing him around. 

He is really inquisitive and notices everything, he wants to have a look at whatever you’re holding and is still obsessed with any electronics. He also wants to eat everything. If he sees you eating, boy will he be upset if he can’t have some!  He has taken food from the hands of his friends on several occassions. 

We have had over a month of 12 hour over night sleep stints and his daytime naps are improving all the time. Hurrah, parent win!

To us he is amazing. He is so cheeky and happy. He is beautiful. He is intelligent. He is our incredible little boy and I can’t believe we are already planning his first birthday. I hope that he knows how much we love him and how important he is to us. Our lives our so much better for him being here (even if I occassionally crave some baby free time just to get shit done!).


An update // It’s all change in March

So, it is finally here. The dredded month in which I return to work after I walked out of my office at the end of April last year, not having a clue how much our lives were to change.

I feel like I should be positive about it, but I am really struggling. I thought after all this time I would be craving work, but the truth is that I’m not. I love spending time with my beautiful boy. I love not knowing what we will do at the start of each week yet be exhausted by the end of it. I love having a sit down with a hot drink and watching him play, before I join in and get some gorgeous smiles out of him. 

I am going back three days a week, and have less than two weeks to go. I need to man up! If anyone has any tips, please share!

Next week brings Wilf’s two first taster sessions at nursery before he starts the following week. I feel good about the nursery and am excited to see how much Wilf grows in confidence from his time there.

March also brings the first wedding of the year, and Wilf’s first wedding ever! Still need to sort out what Wilf and I are wearing. Dunc is an usher as it is one of his oldest friends who is getting married at the famous River Cottage. I am really looking forward to it and hoping I can juggle Wilf and all baby bits whilst Dunc does usher duties as I don’t know anyone there who isn’t in the bridal party!

And at last Spring has sprung, hurrah for daffodils which are already blooming in our garden. I am so looking foward to warmer weather and longer days. It means more time out and about and more enthusiasm to do stuff in the evenings. 

I also want to start planning our Spring and Summer. We have some trips to take and a special birthday to celebrate. I need to sort our passports and just make some decisions.

So it seems like a quiet month but we’ve not planned much on purpose as we are gonna have to settle into a new routine soon. Eeeeeek, wish me luck!