An update // Joyful June

Hello June, hello summer!

June sees us attend another wedding and this time in France! It’s our first wedding abroad, our first time abroad in a couple of years and most importantly, Wilf’s first trip abroad! We are hoping to also squeeze in a catch up with one of my oldest friends who now lives in Geneva and is yet to meet Wilf. We are going for a long weekend and are staying in a chalet with friends.  

I am definitely more anxious about it than looking forward to it. I just don’t want the flight or the holiday to disturb Wilf’s routine of sleeping through! And I guess I’m always anxious about the unknown and there are so many things that could go wrong. I need to just take it a little easier I guess! The anxiety was definitely lowered once Dunc sorted our three new passports out at an urgent appointment a couple of weeks ago, thus enabling us to book flights!

June also sees me reach the end of my 5k running app. I am six weeks in and am kinda actually loving it. I did a 20 minute straight run the other day and it was nice to not be concentrating on stopping and starting. Instead I could let my mind wander and before I knew it I was three quarters of the way through! If you haven’t read about my journey so far, you might wanna catch up here and here (spoiler – six weeks ago I struggled to run for one minute).

I am also hoping for some quality friend catch ups this month. What with all the little ones birthdays and of course Wilf’s, my concentration on friendships has somewhat been lacking. So I need to get on that.

Dunc has some time off work because of our trip which will hopefully mean some quality time with him too. I am really looking forward to that. It is so easy to just meander through the days and weeks, especially when you have a little one, and on the few occassions that we have had some us time, it has been fantastic. It is good to step back and remember why you had that guys baby, you know?!

Finally I need to catch up on some long overdue life admin. Yukky boring grown up stuff that is so easy to put off. Must. Get. Better. At. Prioritising. It.

What have you got planned for June? I’m obviously also hoping for some low key family fun including BBQs, walks, enjoying our evwr improving garden and mini adventures!


Digital life // Pinterest inspo

I used to bloody love Pintetest but I haven’t done much scrolling for a while. I feel like my feed is full of the same old chuff that I’ve seen for ages, or, loads and loads of pins dinstantly linked to one curveball that I once pinned.

I used to find people from my notifications but since they merged it all I find it hard to do that now.

I really need some new accounts to follow on there and would love to know your accounts and even anyone that you follow.

Please leave your usernames in the comments below and I will hit you up. I would also love to know if anyone else is also experiencing this Pinterest dip (sideways smile emoji).


Day out // St Nectans Glen

During our recent holiday to Polzeath we mostly spent time with Dunc’s family relaxing at the house we were renting which was right on the beach. This even included venturing into the sea and may also have featured many ice creams. However we did have a couple of days out as a trio. Our first venture was off to Tintagel, not to see the castle, but to see some waterfalls instead…

St Nectans Glen felt like a bit of a hidden gem. It is tucked away just on the East of Tintagel and is a good 15 min walk from the car park, until you actually reach the start of the proper walk.

The walk along the stream to the waterfalls is probably a good 20 minutes or so at a brisk pace. It is quite a slippery path with muddy sections. I was wearing my good old birkenstocks and Dunc his trainers, yet everyone we saw was in walking boots! So think about your footwear. We got away with it, just…!

Once we got to the actual waterfall there was a cafe, gift shop and the chance to buy tickets to actually see the falls. We had a quick pit stop which gave us a chance to re-fuel and feed Wilf.

Then we paid £5 each to take the new 10 minute walkway to the base of the waterfall. This walk included another smaller waterfall (above) and a look at all of the gifts that visitors have left for the falls, such as stones and ribbons. The other ticket option was £4 each which literally gave you a set of steps down to the falls.

After finishing the new walk we reached the bottom of the falls and okay it’s not Niagra, but it’s pretty beautiful. It’s a 60ft drop and being able to wade through the water felt pretty special. In fact if you take the £5 option you have to cross the water so be prepared (they do rent out wellies!).

We waded around in the cool water for a while, walking around the area which felt quite tranquil. Lots of the people there just stayed on dry land.

And that was it. A really lovely morning out, topped off by a walk around the streets of Tintagel to grab lunch at King Arthur’s cafe where I had a delicious burger (sold out of fish and chips!!!). Well worth a visit, we may have even picked up some cakes for later.

Thanks for reading, please let me know any of your recomendations for days out in Cornwall!


Digital life // Stepping away from my phone

We recently spent a week in beautiful Cornwall (more on that another day) and do you know what? I barely looked at my phone the entire time. Other than using it to keep me awake during some middle of the night breastfeeding sessions I turned away from it. It stayed next to our bed for pretty much the entire holiday and guess what… it was bloody marvellous!
No constant instagram scrolling and whatsapp group chatter to distract me from our family holiday and the gorgeous views from our rented house on the beach.

It wasn’t even a consious decision, I just forgot about my digital life and switched off automatically. Bliss.

Have you ever done this? How did you find it? I highly recommend it!


Celebrations // Planning my 30th birthday

My 30th is set to look a little something like this, rain pouring down, me in knitwear drinking a non-alcoholic beverage. Why? Well my birthday is in November and it will be almost two years since I last got drunk, or anywhere near it. 

You see Chirstmas 2014 was *slightly* ruined by one of the worst hangovers of my life and since that day I swore to not get drunk again (we’ve all made that promise a fair few times, am I right?!) and I actually stuck to it. I mean, I don’t go out to clubs anymore so that wasn’t hard to avoid, but I do love a night at a pub or beer festival. It’s just as I can no longer stand the feeling of being drunk or hungover I don’t have more than one, or maybe two drinks. Of course I fell pregnant almost a year ago and did not miss alcohol at all (okay so maybe at my friends wedding I did a little, but towards the end of the night seeing everyone drunk. I was glad to be the designated driver!).

What birthdays used to look like. Cider buffet anyone?!

Woah, kinda went off topic there. Sorry. What I mean is that aside from not really being fussed about drinking as much, I also want Wilf to be involved in my birthday celebrations so tonnes of alcohol just won’t be appropriate.

My birthday is in November which is a really crap time of year for a birthday. It is cold and wet. Everyone is saving their pennies for Christmas and friends who live away don’t usually want to travel ‘home’ to Somerset twice in two months (for the annual Christmas pilgramage home). 

Yet I want to do something special for my 30th, I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I haven’t really celebrated a birthday since my 25th. Last year I had bad morning sickness and although the fella took me away for the weekend, it was still overshadowed by the potential to throw up at any second. The year before I was ill and I can’t even remember my 26th or 27th which doesn’t bode well!

I had a party on my 25th which for the most part was awesome, but I don’t wanna do that again. I would like to do something at home joined by friends and maybe family. However our house isn’t huge and November means outside is off bounds unless we have a bonfire, but we have a lot of trees bearing over our garden so this probably isn’t possible. Maybe at my parents? I had a lot of bonfire/fireworks parties as a child. My birthday is 7th November so this was naturally an easy choice. But boy did I grow bored of them, especially as my sister got do do different and fun things for her July birthday parties (huge bouncy castle with ball pit metres from your house anyone?!). 

I thought about going to a theme park, but want to stay in the south and avoid London. However it turns out there aren’t any that meet those two requirememts!

I have considered a mocktail night or brunch or lunch. But again hosting is tricky, so do we go out and spend more money??

Brunch means pancakes right?!

I have considered renting a house, but it obviously costs dolla. Maybe I can find something near a coast and we can have some wet and windy coastal walks, some cosy nights and friends and family can join whenever? Maybe I should embrace the weather instead of complaining about it.

I just can’t decide! This year my birthday falls on a Monday so will probably celebrate on the previous Saturday (oh, guy fawkes night we meet again). Any ideas, suggestions or moans if you also have a rubbish month in which to celebrate are encouraged!

Thanks in advance!


PS. I do know one thing, I want those giant helium number ballons as I am a total blogger cliche!!

Day Out // Grillstock Festival

This weekend we headed to Grillstock, a two day festival located at Bristol’s harbourside. The festival is mostly about meat, but also music. We decided to go on the Saturday and it was to be Wilf’s first festival experience!

The site is open from 11am till midnight and as we had a baby we planned to get there early to 1. Get parking as close as possible and 2. Avoid a late night. We arrived before midday and left just before 7pm. However we also went off site a couple of times to do baby changes and feeds and also meet up with a friend in Bristol for a drink before heading back in to meet other friends who were arriving later. I would say from a family perspective (roughly translated to mean ‘without drinking’) this was more than enough time on site.

These pictures show the crowds at around 1pm which was quite a nice amount of people, especially when negotiating a pram, but also when finding somewhere to sit down. This was one drawback, lack of seating, which for a festival based around eating, isn’t great. The whole site seemed crammed by about 2-3pm with no room to find a space to even stand without being in someones path, let alone sit down! They really need to either make the site bigger next year or reduce ticket sales as it was just too cramped, even forgetting the pram/baby situation. I think attendee numbers were also evident when my friend had to wait 45 minutes whilst they cleaned/restocked all the toilets, not great…

There was a lot of choice for food, as you would expect! Near the entrance were all the competition entrants and further in, mainly near to / around the amphitheatre were all the stalls to buy food and drink. We tried a few savoury burgers and the like. My favourite being the brisket burger (above) which melted in the mouth and came with cruncy slaw which worked perfectly together.

Dunc tried some ice cream, going for the not-so classic two scoop combo of beef flavoured ice cream on top with a maple and pecan scoop below. It was certainly different! I spied the churros stand fairly early on and by early afternoon decided it was time to devour some.

They were delicious, I haven’t had churros in years and these tasted so good, they also came with some beautiful melted chocolate. At £4 they were also very reasonable, especially considering that most of the food was priced around £8-9. 

We saw one eating competition (before the crowds got too busy) which was quite fun to watch. It was the spicy chicken wings contest and the winner was the quickest to eat 25. Worryingly it didn’t take too long before a winner was crowned!

All in all we had a lovely day. The sun shone and we caught up with friends. However we won’t be heading back next year. We just didn’t feel we got value of money for the price of the tickets (almost £70 for two). Add onto that £12 for car parking and the cost of eating / drinking on site it was an expensive day out. 

From a family perspective it was great to see other families there, but they did dwindle off before the evening set in. Wilf had ear defenders which were perfect and helped him sleep through most of the festival. Although I did feed him once on site when we managed to find a small bit of ground to perch on, we really had to go off site to feed and change him as it just wasn’t practicle enough on site, especially by the time it got busy. I have to say the festival goers were all polite and helped us wheel our way around the site and Wilf was a hit for sure!

Have you ever been to Grillstock? What did you make of it? Can you recommend any family friendly festivals in the South West?

Thanks for reading!


Eating Out // Atomic Burger


Earlier this year we had to go up to Bristol for an appointment and wanted to grab some lunch whilst we were there. Due to our love of burgers we decided to hit up Atomic Burger on Gloucester Road as Dunc had heard good things about. As it’s not in central Bristol and neither was our appointment, it was the perfect opportunity to try it, and we weren’t dissapointed.


The decor is very quirky, full of toys and memorabilia from cartoons and kids tv programmes of old. Lots of retro pieces cover the ceiling and walls, and the theme is even continued into the toilets!



The burgers are all named after famous characters from film and tv. You can switch up ingredients or even make your own. You are so spoilt for choice that deciding on what to have is not easy!

I had the Audrey Hepburn (but I switched the fried egg to fried onions) and Dunc had the Dolly Parton which is one of their Big Burgers. We also had sides, I went for Fries and Dunc had a Super Side of Dirty Fries. The burgers were incredibly tasty, we’ve been so used to chain burger establishments that it was so refreshing to have something different. You could almost taste the passion that goes into their food.

But not just their food, I had the Cookie Monster milkshake (choosing the right milkshake took an incredibly long time…), but without the cream and it was hands down the best oreo milkshake, if not the best milkshake I’ve ever had. It was so good that I think I finished it before the food came out!



Somehow, we had room for pudding and decided to share the Belgian Waffles (I say share, it was a 20/80 split in my favour). They were also delicious and rounded off the meal perfectly.


Considering it was a normal Wednesday lunch time away from the hubub of the city centre, there were still several other diners aside from us. I think this is a great mark of a well loved restaurant and one that we will definitely be heading back to!