Celebrations // Planning our elopement pt 2

Following on from this post, here is part two of planning our elopement.

So after we got the registary office and hotel booked things definitely slowed down a fair bit.

However, I did buy my dress not long after this. I had been looking at the Asos bridal section for a while but everything was always sold out. I was keen on a needle and thread number, I knew I wanted lace and I wasn’t worried about it being white. I felt that I would know it when I saw it. My dress popped up on Asos and I instantly fell for it and it was somehow still in my size. I ordered it straight away. Luckily it fit perfectly and I felt like a bride when wearing it. It did feel wierd to not be able to ask friends for advice but I was very pleased with it (although I did have the fear of buying the only dress I had tried on!).

Then I suddenly realised the wedding date was two months away and we had nothing else sorted! I had slowly started following some photographers on insta but looked at the #cornwallweddingphotographer hashtag and straight away found Paige Grace who we ended up booking. Her shots stood out straight away and I was so excited when she said she was available. Paige has since blogged about photographing us which you can read here.

I had contacted a few photographers as we were so close to the date and I just gave them a brief heads up of who we are and what we had planned. It also helped me to judge costings and it was interesting to hear what ideas they had for the photos of the day.

We got Paige booked and planned to meet up with her a few weeks before the big day which was great, it really helped us to feel at ease with her and definitely gave us confidence ahead of the day.

Next I decided I should probably make a list of everything left that we had to do. This included looking at where we would go on the day, where we were going to eat in the evening, giving notice of marriage locally, etc. It was at this stage (with about 4 weeks to go) I realised we needed rings!

The other big thing to get sorted was a videographer. I contacted a couple but wasn’t blown away by anyone, then I stumbled across Ryan Sharpe on instagram. His videos are beautiful and instantly reminded me of Paige, our photographer. We got him booked straight away (this was about two weeks before the date!).

When booking them both, we also ensured that both Ryan and Paige were happy to witness our vows which fortunately they were. It was the first elopement for both of them so it felt even more special.

Below are all the final bits we sorted in the last few weeks:

  • Dunc’s threepiece suit // Asos
  • Dunc’s shoes // River Island
  • Dinner reservations // The Shore
  • Rings // Curious Magpie – Etsy
  • Flowers // Gypsophelia (I practiced tying some bunches together and sourced ribbon and twine to tie together)
  • Make up // Bare Minerals and Benefit (I had a bridal make up session at bare minerals)
  • Perfume // Jo Malone (bridal perfume consultation)
  • Gel Nails and eyelash lift // Alexa beauty essentials

I thought about having flowers or a clip in my hair, but never saw anything I liked and did worry about flowers dating. I’ve seen some brides recently wear flower crowns and look amazing but I’m not sure I could have pulled it off for what we had planned.

I kept my hair and make up fairly natural, partly because that’s me and partly because I knew it would be blustery at the coast and didn’t want to be worrying about mascara running or a clip falling out of my hair.

Regarding budgeting, we always had a vague idea of how much we could afford to spend on the big things which were the hotel, photographer and videographer. So once we had those bits sorted we used our ‘to book’ list to work out what how we wanted to divide our total spend. This worked well and enabled us ensure we each spent approx £350 on each of ourselves which for me covered my dress, make up and perfume. Budgeting in this way ensured that we knew we would be able to afford additional food and drinks over the weekend.

I almost did ‘somthing old…’ apart from the fact that I had nothing to borrow from anyone as it was all secret!

So there you have it, how we planned and budgeted for our day. Of course, do comment if you have any questions, I know it’s all a bit of a minefield!


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