An update // Summer 2018

As I’ve not had a chance to share a life update in a while, I thought I would catch you up on our summer so far, since our elopement, and what we have coming up. Oh, and there are lots of photos…

After getting hitched we headed up to Polzeath to spend a few days with family before heading home.

We then had a child free day so naturally went for cider tasting and a tour of Thatchers cider. The Railway Inn on site was beautiful with incredible food, all the cider and photogenic loos where I did an awkward ‘where do you look in a mirror selfie’ pose.

Their new Dabinett cider is insane. I think it might be the best cider I’ve ever tasted. Amazingly we came away merchandise free but I loved it all, look at this amazing hamper they had on display.

We’ve had so much fun with this little man, his tantrums have definitely reduced now that he is communicating more and we make the most of the good weather as much as possible. Whether it’s playing in pyjamas in the garden after breakfast, splashing in the paddling pool or exploring local patches of green space, we have had lots of special moments. Although many of my favourite are him bringing teddy into our bed where they ‘go night nights’ or just him generally getting more into exploring play set ups.

We’ve also been out and about to a few places, lunch with friends in Wedmore, lunch with family at one of our favourite places, the Trading Post near Ilminster and a weekend in a yurt in Cambridge with friends.

There was also one of my oldest friends weddings in France which was beautiful, and a perfect chance for all of us from school, who are all still so close twenty years (eeek) on, to spend some much needed time together.

We’ve been fruit picking, spent loads of time in our garden, I’ve been back at pottery and my studies and we’ve been reliving our elopement with the arrivals of the photos and video.

There have been a few low points, we lost a much loved family member in July, all been a bit under the weather and had the adult joy of waking up to a fridge/freezer that had broken, got warm and defrosted everything.

Some amazing moments include Wilf’s speech improvements. He copies so much more now and remembers loads. He is also putting more words together. His confidence is also growing and he has the craziest, happiest personality. He is too adorble. We met up with our mum crew who I love, it is incredible watching our little people grow together.

The rest of summer sees me knuckling down and finishing my studies (including the big, final exam), planning my work situation post studies, days out, catching up with friends and ticking some jobs off our house ‘to do’ list.

Sorry, this post was a beast! Let me know if you enjoyed all the photos and doing a round up kinda post!

What does your summer look like?


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