Celebrations // planning our elopement pt 1

So, all the technical bits, how did we plan our elopement?

First off we talked location and set our hearts on Cornwall. We have holidayed there more than anywhere else and have some really lovely memories. We also wanted to go away, but not be too far. I think if we weren’t parents and had a bigger budget, we probabably would have eloped abroad, but for us, Cornwall was perfect.

We then looked at where we could get married. There are just three registary offices in Cornwall; Liskeard, Truro and Penzance. We wanted to be as far west as possible so Penzance it was. I then remembered that the Artists Residence hotel chain had a hotel in Penzance and knew that would be the perfect place to stay. We also decided to spend part of our day on the south coast of Cornwall, somewhere like Porthcurno, as the main reason for chosing Cornwall was to be on the stunning coastline.

I looked up when we could get married at Penzance, they did ceremonies on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Wednesdays were much cheaper and we figured would also be easier to source a photographer, book the hotel, etc.

Around this same time, Dunc’s parents told us that they had booked a holiday home for the first week of June in Polzeath for all the family. We figured that tying our elopement in with this would work out well, mainly as we planned to ask them to look after Wilf and it would mean that he would be close by.

We spoke to them (and they were thrilled with our idea), and they were happy to have Wilf and to have us join them for a few nights after the elopement.

I then contacted Cornwall council and was told that our chosen date wasn’t available (this was about four months in advance), but that the Saturday was free.

We decided to go for the Saturday as it still made more sense to do it that week than to try for a different Wednesday.

The booking of the registary office was the most complicated part. There was phone call after phone call and I always had to wait for a call back a few days later as the people answering calls couldn’t assist me. Fortunately our patience paid off and we got the date booked.

We then confirmed this with Dunc’s parents and booked the hotel. It was tricky to know which room to book and unfotunately during the time it had taken to sort out the date, the larger room we liked had gone. But we still got a double booked at Artists Residence and felt more relaxed knowing that the key parts were in place.

Planning definitely slowed down now, we are both just too laid back for our own good. I will write up another post talking about what we did next and how we budgeted for everything.



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