Celebrations // Why we eloped

If you follow me on insta, you will have seen one big life update that being, that we recently eloped!

I have a few posts in mind that I want to share about our elopement, but first I wanted to talk about why.

Dunc and I used to talk about eloping before we were engaged, saying how it would be very ‘us’ to just run off and have a quiet, chilled out day.

We continued these conversations after our engagement but were soon inundated with friends and family talking about having a proper wedding and that they wanted to be there, etc etc.

We felt pressure to have a bigger day than we both wanted so we started to try to plan an actual wedding. However the costs are unreal. Dunc and I don’t have masses of money. I work for a charity and most of my savings have gone on our house and getting me through maternity leave. We have never saved for a wedding, didn’t occur to us I guess. Neither of us could have anticipated the costs. We were basically looking at Β£4000 venue hire as standard, whether that be an actual venue or a marquee. Add on to that food, drink, registary fees, photographer, clothes, rings, etc. It was getting scary expensive. I actually had a couple of meltdowns over the fear of getting in to debt for what we both considered to be just a party.

We regrouped and talked about what was important, why we were getting married and what did we actually want to do.

So we circled back to the idea of an elopement.

Dunc was unsure if it was what I really wanted. But as soon as we started talking it through, we were both more excited than during any of our ‘bigger’ wedding chats.

I will talk through the hows another day but the fact that everything started to fall into place was a sign that we were doing it right.

One thing we were keen on was still having some form of party to celebrate with our nearest and dearest. We plan to have this next year, potentially on our first anniversary. It will be much more low key than a wedding, but with some elements such as cake and speeches.

I am so, so glad we followed our gut and had the balls to do it our way. I think some family members have struggled to understand our reasons for not going down a more traditional route, but at the end of the day your wedding day and marriage are about just you two. Why wait two years to be married, just to afford a pinterst worthy day if that isn’t you? It certainly isn’t us.

I hope the elopement also explains my silence on here of late. More posts on this to follow, but if you have any questions do hit me up!



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