Parenting // When to have baby number two

I have been quiet on here of late. To be honest, April flew past in a blur of illness after illness and I’m quite glad to see the arrival of May. I have also been rather busy though and plan to get back into regular monthly updates once my life gets back to normal!

So back to todays topic, it is something I have had on my mind for a while and felt that writing about it might be the thing to do.

When to have your second child?

It seems to me that most parents second baby is born around the second birthday of baby number one. Wilf turns two this month and I can confirm that won’t he happening in our house!

I want to mention that whatever I say is my own personal opinion and not a jibe at anyone whatsover.

I don’t feel ready for baby number two.

I am still soaking up as much of Wilf as I can. Wilf is still in that period where he changes constantly and I don’t want to miss that. This is the only time when we will have one child and so lets make the most of it.

Also financially we aren’t able to have number two yet. There is no way we could afford nursery for two so we need to wait until Wilf has free child hours through the goverment (nearly 18 months away), or that he is in school.

At least then we won’t have two in nappies and two in cots and two in baby/toddler car seats and two in buggys.

Also, I could not imagine being 8-9 months pregnant right now. To have to go through pregnancy again so soon. No thank you! Eighteen to twenty four months is tireing enough without throwing pregnancy into the mix.

I would love to hear from mums of two who are close together to hear how you did it because I think that is simply amazing. To do it all again so quickly. You deserve a medal. No, scratch that. A big drink!

I just don’t think I’m there and I don’t think that’s a failure on my part. I guess I just don’t see the rush.

I never wanted two close together. Lots of people say to me that they want them to get on well. My answer to that is that there is two years between my sister and I and yet we don’t get on at all and never have. Yet my oldest friend is six years younger than her sister and they are so close.

For now we are happy just the three of us (and Monty). Maybe in a year the broodiness will strike again but lets see how it goes.

I think we are doing just fine. And when it feels right for us, then we can think about extending our brood.


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