An update // 30 days of April

So here we are. One quarter of our way through the year. Spring has finally arrived. Wedding season is upon us. We can hang washing out on the line. The evenings are lighter. Coats aren’t always needed and warmer days are becoming a real possibility.

I have a few things lined up this month. Firstly, as April kicks off on Easter Sunday I have a weekend full of plans including eating lots, seeing family, drinking with friends, blitzing the house and Easter activities with Wilf.

This month also sees the hen do of one of my friends of twenty(!) years, cue a night away with seven of my oldest friends involving a spotify playlist full of tunes from our youth, a car crammed with cider, an afternoon spent clay pigeon shooting and of course, lots of laughter.

I am also thinking of returning to pottery. It has been a few months since I threw anything and I already have the fear that I have forgotten it all. I love doing pottery but the fear is real right now. Will I pluck up the courage to return??

As mentioned above, I want to blitz the house. A proper spring clean. Get rid of clutter and get on top of it. I have recently started following the organised mum on insta and I really like her daily cleaning plan. No, YOU are getting old.

Finally, as I say every month, I will keep my studies up. I have a big exam coming up so April will be spent revising for this. Any revision tips welcome!

What are you up to in April? Any big plans now the longer, warmer days are on the horizon?


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