Eating // The Ultimate Overnight Oats

So I was always a bit dubious of overnight oats. What would the texture be like and will they be filling?

Delightful and yes are the answers!

I am a total overnight oats convert, and with a toddler to wrestle in the car for nursery two mornings a week, they have been invaluable as a delicious breakfast to eat at my desk.

I am here to share the recipe that Dunc has shown me.

You will need:

A container that can be sealed tight


40g oats

50g plain yoghurt

7-10g raisins

Handfull of frozen berries

1.5 floz milk

0.5-1tsp chia/flax seeds


Get your container and pop on the scales before covering the bottom with the oats. Then evenly spread the yoghurt across the oats.

Place the raisins around the container into the yoghurt then scatter your berries. Some larger berries can be broken up.

Pour over the milk and finally scatter your chosen seeds over the top.

Pop in the fridge overnight.

When you are ready to eat the next day, stir the mixture to get all the flavours and ingredients mixed together. The oats, yoghurt and milk should have soaked together overnight and your raisins should also have plumped up. The berries will have defrosted and will mix in beautifully.

So there you have it. Super easy.

There are of course variations, you can add coconut or seeds or try different fruits but I have to say, this version is my favourite.

Please let me know if you try this!


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