An Update // 31 days of March

And just like that it was March. Seeing as January went on forever, Febuary sure did skip by.

You may also have noticed that during February I only posted my Feb version of this, my monthly update. I guess I just had nothing in particular to write about and I was also fairly busy.

It seems to me to make sense to only post something on here when I have something to say.

Anyway. March. Spring. But wait, snow… hmm. Hoping the snow goes away soon so that we can get back to normal. I drove the car today (Sunday) for the first time in four days and boy did it feel wierd. I even felt a bit anxious about leaving our village after being trapped in by the snow.

We don’t have loads planned this month, the most exciting thing is happening on Tuesday night, we are going to see John Robins in Exeter and I am so frigging excited. If you don’t know who he is. YouTube him immediately and catch up on his and Elis James’ podcasts for their Radio X show. Honestly the guy is a comedy genius. I booked this forever ago so am majorly pumped (never use that word!) that the date is finally nearing. It also means a toddler free evening for us. Yes to that!

I am also hoping to catch up with the mumma crew this month with an evening full of takeaway and no toddlers!

One exciting thing planned with Wilf is a visit to see Dippy in Dorchester museum with Dunc’s family in a couple of weeks which should be fun. I really like Dorchester too. It’s super cute so a stroll around there with my sisters in law and their little ones will be perfect.

Other than cracking on with my studies, day to day parenting and going to work, I don’t have much else in my diary. What about you?


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