Parenting // Twenty Months in

So here we are, twenty months in and it feels like you have always been here.

Wilf, you are amazing. Sometimes I just look at you and I can’t believe how lucky I am.

But what are you up to now? Well you run around squealing with delight, particuarly up and down our hallway and landing. You still have an amazing appetite and can get quite unhappy when mealtime is over. In fact you go into the cupboard and grab the bag of raisins before carrying them into the lounge with a hopeful look on your face.

You are always so busy with your toys, and really concentrate on new ones, otherwise you just want to play with them all. You love ‘bear’, your wooden stacking toy and your food toys.

You aren’t as fussed with your board books as you used to be, but you love your bigger story books more than ever. One of my favourite things is our weekend mornings where you bring a book or two into our bed and snuggle up for a read before we go downstairs.

You love to be outdoors, particuarly roaming our garden, but when we go for a walk we always end up carrying you.

You still don’t say much, but you understand loads. I can always tell when you don’t understand me because you really look at me whilst you try to work it out.

You can make noises for a few animals when prompted, such as a cat (Monty), a dog, a duck and a cow. You say hiya, cat, digger, bubble and of course mumma and dadda. Aside from hiya you really need to be prompted.

You still amaze me though. Last weekend when your toy said ‘circle’, you went over to your pile of flash cards and picked out the circle one before bringing it over to me and the toy.

You are getting more determined and more sure of your own mind. You can throw a tantrum when you don’t get things your way.

But you also have the most infectious giggle and tickling you is one of the best things to do.

Everything has it’s place and you make sure that things go where they belong, either by doing it yourself or pointing out to us what to do.

You also help me. You feed Monty his breakfast, you unload the shopping and help with clothes washing. How long will this last!?

I love you with all I have. You are everything and I love seeing you grow and develop. When you run up to me and land in my arms for a hug it’s hands down the most incredible feeling.

Mumma x

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