Parenting // Key Items to see you through those first two years

If you have already seen this post, you will know the items that I recommended for new parents to make things easier in those first few months. I figured it has been over a year now and in that time Wilf has changed so much. From a little baby who had just started to commando roll over, to a toddler who runs around screeching.

So what would I recommend?

A baby carrier. I’m not sure why I didn’t mention this last time, but a baby carrier is a must! I had this fabric sling which I didn’t use as much as I could/should have. I rarely used it out of the house and didn’t start to use it till Dunc returned to work after two weeks. I didn’t spend much money on one, as, with most things, you don’t know if it will be worth it. I think I will probably splash out next time though.

From around three months we started to use our baby bjorn carrier (we were torn between this and the ergo) and by six months I found Wilf was too big/heavy for the sling I had to use the sturdier carrier.

There are tonnes of bonuses of a carrier and I really can’t stress enough how much you will both get out of it.

Next up, an activity centre. We had a walker which although Wilf could move around in, it had brakes so it was a safe place to pop him once he was on the move. It had lots to keep him entertained, including music, but the phone was the big hit. It also had a seat which you could change the height on for when those legs get longer.

Most of my friends had the classic fisher price jumperoo and I would say that from around three to four months anything along these lines would last for at least half a year.

At Nine months old we bought Wilf this wooden walker for about £20 and almost a year later Wilf still plays with it. However, from the first day he had it, he walked with it. It was amazing to see and he has had hours upon hours of fun with it.

I cannot recommend enough the Joie 360 carseat. It is crazy easy to use and we love it. It has a newborn insert but we started using it from around nine months.

In November we bought the Maclaren Quest buggy. We decided to spend some money on a decent buggy as our plan is to sell our Silvercross pram bundle and then for baby number two (not happening yet!), get a decent second hand pram, which after a few months will be swapped for the maclaren (which is suitable from newborn). We have had no issues with the buggy so far and are really pleased with the quality of it.

Finally, seating. To cover all seating bases we have THE Ikea highchair, this mama and papas feeding seat, this fold-up feeding seat that attaches onto chairs and lives in our car and finally, a little wicker chair for him to sit in and play at the coffee table.

The Ikea highchair is a total winner and a bargain to boot. If you don’t mind having a chair that doesn’t fold up then quite frankly, this is for you. It does come apart and fix together in seconds anyway should you need to store it out of sight for any reason. Unless you want to go all out with the Stokke chair then I can’t see why you wouldn’t get this.

The mama and papas seat has been great and has been used loads but I still don’t think it is worth it’s price tag. We got it at 50% off in the black Friday sale when Wilf was six months but you can use it earlier, even just as a play station.

This particular fold-up seat is a biy flimsy and a bit of a pain. I think we will probably end up throwing it out but it has definitely come in useful on many occassions.

Wilf is almost twenty months and is only really just starting to sit in this chair, well perch on it. But he is adament that he will use it when he wants to.

Big mentions also to a rucksack nappy bag, a good lunch bag (skip hop!)and of course all the fabulous books and toys that will keep them still!

Please do add any of your own must have items for babys and toddlers down below.


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