An update // 31 days of January

I don’t think we have much in the diary this month. We are definitely easing into the new year. However there are a few things to do.

First off I will be organising my year (!) in advance. I hope to schedule in time for my studies and implement a finance plan.

Also along the lines of organsiation we are bringing back the meal plan. We have decided to buy only better quality meat which means our meat intake will reduce. We are strong advocates for supporting British farmers but doing so can be expensive. We would rather eat less meat and ensure that the meat we do eat is sourced responsibly.

I want to find time for yoga. Each week I want to find a few moments where I can introduce some yoga into my day.

Go to sleep earlier. I have got into an awful habit of staying awake late (past 10.30pm) which has meant when I do need to get up early again, I am useless come evening time.

Finally, and this is for the year actually. Be more productive with my evenings.

So there you have it. Not much in the way of actual plans, just things to get started.



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