An Update // How did I do?

I woke up this morning on New Years Day and remembered this post that I wrote a year ago when mapping out changes that I wanted to make for 2017. Shall we see how I got on?

Tackling new challenges with Wilf

I spoke about my fears of travelling abroad and attending weddings with Wilf in tow. I do get anxious about stuff like this but everything that we have faced has been fine and I’ve had no reason to worry. That little boy of ours is so adaptable.

Career goals

Although my plans have changed from a year ago they are heading in a much firmer direction and I couldn’t be happier about it. I have a new plan and I am really excited about where I will be a year from now.

Updating the house

I feel like we have made huge strides with the house this year. I have painted the living room, moved the TV point to allow a different layout and we got new sofas. I love this room so much more than before.

Dunc put shelves and a rail up in the kitchen and we re-painted it.

We also sorted some more finishing touches throughout the house. We didn’t quite get to sorting the study out but we have decided what we want to do in there which is a start.

Keeping active

My goal here was to start running and to have run a 5k. Now, I kind of reached this but also not. Back in the spring I talked of discovering running. Over the course of 8 weeks I went from being unable to run for more than 30 seconds to actually running for half and hour (approx 5k). I did that twice but both times felt hideously sick afterwards. So I stopped running and stopped being active.

I am glad that I got to where I did, thing is, perhaps running isn’t for me. I found it boring. I want to rediscover fitness and I already spoke here about being healthier from now on. Obviously fitness will be a part of this.

Getting crafty

I wanted to spend evenings crafting and perhaps take up pottery, and in June I did just that. I have been to pottery almost every week and have loved it. I am so glad I started and I can’t wait to make lots of new things this coming year.

Find my style

Hmmm. Did I acheive this? I’m not sure. I have definitely been more bothered about new clothes but I still have my daily uniform of jeans and jumpers. I need to be better at this!

One thing I have done is only buy key items, clothes that I love and that will go with all sorts. I haven’t bought into fads or bought random items that I won’t wear again.

Get out more

I think we have got out and about lots this year but not as much as we could have done. I have got out every week with Wilf and the stronger he gets on his feet the easier this will become from now on. We also need to master the back carry position on our baby bjorn as Wilf always needs a carry.

So all in all I don’t think I’ve done too bad on my goals for the year. I think it’s healthy to have things to work towards and although my aims for 2018 are more longterm changes, I will be keen to see how far I have got in a year. And also how far I have continued with these goals.

How about you. Did your 2017 go to plan?



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