In My Head // Three things for a New Future

I’m definitely not a new years resoloutions kinda gal, but I have been thinking about the type of person I want to be. What I want to be more of and what I need to be like to reach my goals.

I want to be healthier. I want us to stop seeing treats as a daily thing and instead as what it is, a treat. We eat very healthy generally but snacks, puddings and exercise (or lack or) are my weak spots. I want and need to be better at looking after myself and I know that it will be so good for me on multiple levels.

I want to be more productive with my time and have better time management. Now that I am doing home study, I need to be more disciplined at setting aside regular chunks of time for it. But I also want to make the most of my time that I’m not at work. I don’t want to continue our awful pattern of collapsing on the sofa once Wilf is in bed and dinner is eaten. I could achieve so much in these hours.

Finally I want to be more financially savvy. Instead of hiding from my bank balance in fear I need to look at my income, my outgoings and my savings. I need to restrict my spending to extreme measures and I need to be more in control of my spending.

These are not just for 2018. These are changes that I want and need, to make for life.

I feel like I have reached a point in my life when shit is getting serious and I need to bring these areas of my life up to the level they should be.

Have any of you reached this point? Any tips are greatly appreciated.



2 thoughts on “In My Head // Three things for a New Future

  1. I have so many New Years goals and resolutions, none of which I will probably stick to. I have been walking everyday so far in 2018 (there’s only been two) but I’m not sure how long it will last. Happy New Year and great post!

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