An Update // It’s December which can mean only one thing…

So December is finally here which means Christmas is ready to hit us at full force. I am crazy excited this year but also a bit blase about some aspects. I think I just feel crazy grateful to get to spend the day with my son and my fiance in our home and anything else is a bonus but not as important you know?

So what am I up to this month? Well I am going wreath making with a friend which we are really looking forward to. Keep an eye on my insta for the results.

I also have a couple of shopping trips planned with different friends so that will be lovely and festive.

Although Wilf still doesn’t understand Christmas, he will be more involved this year and I can’t wait to do some festive activities with him. On the list are baking gingerbread men (recipe here), buying and decorating the tree, making cards, looking at Christmas lights (he was mesmorised by the ones at a garden centre recently) and of course making our way through his advent calendar.

As I said above we will be buying our Christmas tree next weekend and I think the place we are heading to has animals and lots of festive activities so I can’t wait to have a fun day with my boys before whacking on the Christmas tunes (find my top picks here) and enjoying something mulled whilst decorating it.

I also have a catch ups with my lovely mama squad and school friends planned. A busy month all in all. Somewhere I will have to find some time to make the homemade gifts and wrap everything.

I would love, love, love to hear what you are up to this month. I really enjoy hearing about different people’s traditions or plans throughout December.



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