An Update // New beginnings in November

Here we are, the penultimate month of the year! So what is going on in my world?

Exploring all things wedding – In case you missed it, Dunc and I got engaged!! I don’t think I will be able to avoid anything wedding related and am already soaking up everything I see. I will do some dedicated posts on our engagement and wedding plans soon.

November is also my birthday month. In case you missed it, you can find my wishlist over here. But I keep finding more things that I love and want. This is so unlike me. I have never known what I want when it comes to my birthday and now the first year that I have loads of ideas, no-one has asked me what I want. Typical!

I turn 31 this year, you can see posts on my 30th birthday here and here. I don’t have any plans, think it will be a quiet one for us.

I also have a pretty big thing starting this month. I don’t want to talk about it much until I’m a little further down the line with it, but happy to say that it is linked to my career path. Anyway. It is a big thing for me and hopefully the start of something huge.

Spending time outside – Having a one year old who loves to be outside has helped me to enjoy being out of the house even if it’s not 25 deg. I have been loving some early-evening, pre-bedtime explorations in our garden and just breathing in some fresh air. I want to make more time for being outside. I have bought two new coats and a new scarf already this year so I definitely need to get out in them lots.

Cracking on with Christmas – I want to get some serious present prep done. I need to get on with making pottery gifts and working out what we want to give people. I also want to get a food shop booked which means sorting out our food for the festive period. We already bought our Christmas morning sparkling Pilton cider which was a new tradition of last year. If anyone has any Christmas prep advice then please share.

What have you got planned for November? I would love to hear what you are up to!



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