Interiors //  Ten ways to organise the shit out of your larder

If you remember my post about our kitchen, you might recall that instead of wall units we have a huge corner larder. I thought that today I would talk you through what is behind those doors to help any of you looking for organisation and storage tips.

Early on I was keen for a larder and pinned a fair few onto my kitchen board on pinterest. It was only when it came to filling our kitchen that I realised what a huge task arranging it was. So here are my top tips:

  1.  Put your most used items at eye level and your next most used just below
  2. Use baskets to house smaller items or multiple items (so we have Wilf snacks in one and another houses all my different sugars for baking)
  3. Store said baskets on higher and lower shelves
  4. Use top and bottom shelves for any cluttered items (such as tupperware)
  5. Use jars with labels to make storecuboard foods more visible
  6. Group items together (baking ingredients, breakfast foods, drinks, etc)
  7. Install lighting
  8. Don’t overcrowd every shelf
  9. Keep a footstool in there if you’ll need it for looking on the top shelves
  10. Don’t worry about it not looking perfectly tidy and instagramable; it is a cupboard, it has a job to do

    So there you have it. I hope you find this useful and that it saves you time. I did some re-arranging and shelf swapping in the first few months to get it right! If you’re like me you will enjoy organising your larder and so this will be a nice afternoon activity, enjoy!



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