Digital life // What are we missing?

If you have followed me for a while, you might have noticed that when I go away, I rarely post to my social media. I guess when I’m busy living, I am too in the moment to think about updating instagram.

Day to day, I usually upload first thing, when Wilf is napping or once he has gone to bed. And when we are away we are usually so busy all of the time and instagram is not in the forefront of my mind which is a good thing right?
However, I miss having lots of my favourite photos on insta so on our trip to Cornwall last month I decided to try to upload every day.

And I found it tough! I found it really tough to break away from our holiday for just a few minutes each day. I tended to upload when Dunc was bathing Wilf but even then I still wanted to enjoy holiday time, just me.

I guess this has kind of made me question what I’m missing generally in my day to day life when I’m scrolling away. Does anyone else question this? I think it has become more of a question since becoming a mum because any me time is so precious that I want to use it productively.

It is so easy to get lost in the realms of social media and I guess I need to remember that it is okay not to see every new post from those I follow, every day.

Does anyone else struggle to find time to upload photos when they are away? I would love to know!



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