Celebrations // Birthday wishing

So after putting together this post last year, I felt I totally had to do it again, any excuse for some pretend shopping!

I think this is probably similar to last year and I think there is quite alot on there, but it is Christmas soon too so….


I have never owned curling tongs. In fact I am pretty lazy when it comes to hair. Generally I just let it be. Which probably looks a bit shit. So here is to being a grown up and styling my hair properly. Kate La Vie recently recommended this one and her hair is to die for so I have saved it in my Amazon wishlist, whatever that is!


Yeh so… a toothbrush. This one to be exact. I have heard good things about it and teeth are worth spending some dolla on.


Again, something that I have heard good things about is the new Jamie Oliver cookbook and as fans of him this has crept onto my list. We have a few of his books but not bought any since 30 minute meals. We just always found the list of ingredients so long, which means this should be right up our street!


My name is Tracey and I’m addicted to Fatface. This has happened very quickly but in under a year lots of Fatface items seem to be in my possession and are slowly taking over my wardrobe. I would love some Pyjamas and slippers. Their hoodies are also beautiful as are their jumpers. Oh and some warm, thick, socks

Their clothes just last. They wash so damn well and are amazing quality. So even just some vouchers as I am sure I will find something to buy…!


I haven’t yet found one, but I want a goldilocks scarf, you know the one, not too chunky but not too thin. Soft but not too fluffy. Yeh that one.


I don’t talk about it much on here but I frigging love Formula 1 and even greater than my love for the sport is one of it’s greats, Jenson Button. What a delight to look at and I am sure his story which starts in a nearby town, will be an amazing read. So yep, next on the list is Life to the Limit.


I’m sorry, it’s another boring, grown up gift… but it would be amazing to have the V6 handheld Dyson and might even encourage me to hoover more. Something Dunc would be very happy about! (He is much tidier than me!)


I don’t wear nearly as much jewellery since having Wilf but I still love a good ring. Rock N Rose always have beautiful jewels (my faves are below) but I would be happy with any, as long as it’s not gold!


I have come to love a good bath. It provides me with an hour or so of total relaxation. It is me time, not being a mum, catching up on missed TV shows. So I would like some good bath soak or some Lush bath bombs please. Or in fact any goodies from Lush.


You know those things that you no longer buy once you have kids? Candles, posh hand wash/hand cream, diffusers, photo frames, plants and cute plant pots?? Yeh all and any of that stuff would be greatly appreciated!

And if that wasn’t enough stuff to chose from, then my requests from last years list are mostly still up there too! 

So yeh. There you go. 

Is there anything you think I’ve missed?!


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