Digital life // Blog birthday

Last week my little corner of the internet turned two! How amazing is that. I have really enjoyed this year so I thought I would round-up things that I’ve done this year.

Regular posts every month

I have posted an update at the start of each month talking through my plans for each month which I have loved. I am thinking about also including updates randomly on what I have actually been up to. Roses and Rolltops is one of my favourite blogs and that is mainly due to Rebecca just normally chatting about what she has been up to each week. I find those kind of posts fascinating!

Using Twitter

I set up a Twitter account and after a few months decided to actually use it and it has been great. I have started to follow so many amazing bloggers who give me motivation to keep posting and I have grown my Instagram following loads which has been amazing. I still don’t really talk about my blog on insta as it is a personal account really, but maybe I should??

Doing my own thing

I’ve not been trying to post X number of times a week or up my photo game or look at my stats. I have just been posting when I have something to post and the time to write it up. It is all me. It is all honest. It is all raw.

And what do I want to do for this next year? Well just keep going I guess. Doing what suits me and what feels right. Continue to read other blogs and support other bloggers through social media because it’s nice to be nice.

Let me know what you think and thank you for reading. You are awesome.


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