An update // September has arrived

And here we are at the start of yet another month. September is an exciting month for me with lots of plans and very little work!

The biggie is our holiday to Cornwall which I am ridicuoualy excited about. We took Wilf last September when he couldn’t even roll over, so to take him whilst he is practically running should be fun (read tiring, note to self, buy baby reins…). We have lots planned and I cannot wait to share our adventures with you when we get home. Our main destination is Porthleven but we will also stop at Polzeath for a couple of nights with Duncs family as per recent years. Posts from last year here and here

As mentioned in last months update I planned to decorate the lounge. I am pleased to report that all painting was done by my fair hands this week which means September should be all about styling it up. Oh and we need to buy a second sofa. I’m thinking three seater and grey. I know, wild. Any recommendations??

I also have catch ups with friends planned, drinks, lunches, dinners and one of which is meeting up with my friend who is just opening up a cafe/deli/grocery in Bristol. I plan to visit the week of the opening and hope to do a post on it. It is called Fox and West and you can find more info out here.

Next week involves a work trip to Sheffield. It will be the longest I have been away from Wilf and every time I think about it I regret going and wonder if it’s too late to cancel. He will of course be home with Dunc but knowing that I won’t see him from Monday morning till Thursday morning makes my heart break a little. I really do feel undecided about this trip! Don’t be surprised if I back out.

I also want to crack on with my pottery and really gain some confidence. It is so tricky when you only do a handful of hours a month. I need to really nail the basics!

I know I always throw a boring update in here, but I want to get a grip on finances and Christmas planning, yawn much.

Finally I have a pretty big decision to make which could affect so much in my life. I need to sit down and take some time before jumping in. Don’t worry, I will reveal all in the future…

Till next time!



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