Celebrations // Wilf’s first birthday party

I realised that I never posted the photos from Wilf’s first birthday party up here. Although we didn’t get lots of photos (too busy enjoying the party/on hosting duties), there are some to share with you.

As you entered the house you were immediately greeted by bunting and photos of Wilf.

The decor continued into the living room…

… And of course the garden where the celebrations were based. The rain appeared for a short while so all the food got moved inside and back out again once it had gone. Hence the table never really looking ‘done’ in these pics.

We had a cake buffet and obviously the birthday cake took centre stage. I am so proud of this cake, it is the best looking thing I have ever baked and it all dissapeared within seconds of being cut! There was also plenty of prosecco and pimms for the grown ups.

The party flew by. It felt like we didn’t get enough time to speak to anyone or get enough photos (always the way) and we didn’t even get around to the presents! By the time everyone had gone Wilf was partied out and very ready for bed so the presents got tackled the next morning. Everyone was really generous, he got so many lovely gifts.

Sorry for this random collection of snaps but hopefully it gives you a flavour of the party. We will definitely have a smaller affair next year so that we can enjoy it more! Do you have any baby/toddler party tips?




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