Digital life // Quiet on the blog front

So I haven’t blogged for a few weeks, woops, my bad. I guess it has been a combination of a busy life but also not having too much whirring through my head that I needed or wanted to write about.

This summer we have had a real mix of quiet weekends and non stop weekends which has been lush. We have also done loads in the house and garden which has felt great. There has also been lots of family time, just the three of us and I have definitely had a bit of a dry spell over on Instagram (but don’t worry I am back up to gear with posts and stories). 

I have been working hard at trying to build my following on Insta and Twitter recently and slowly but surely seem to be getting somewhere. I have also been in the jobosphere (think I just invented that one), spending time on Linked In and looking at what direction I want to take my career in next.

So all of this has meant this little corner of the world wide web has been a little neglected.

I have lots going on in September so keep your eyes peeled for my monthly update post. I am also giving our lounge a much needed update, starting next week so look out for pictures of my progress.

It’s bank holiday this weekend and our main aim is to find a pushchair. I was thinking Maclaren but it’s sooo pricey. Are there other options? We want it to fold up easily, have good suspension/maneuverability and perhaps a good size under basket wouldn’t be too much to ask for?! Please, please hit me up with your recomendations or ones to avoid!

Sorry back to my original train of thought… I will try to post a bit more and maybe even plan posts? I don’t know, I really like my relaxed approach to blogging. It isn’t forced, I write when I want to, my photos are either taken on my phone or my cheap bog standard camera and I go with the flow. Uploading posts as I write them. Let me know what you think on this. Feedback is always greatly appreciated!

Apologies for this rambling beast of a post (insert monkey hiding behind hands emoji).


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