Interiors // Shelves – stylish v functional

Who doesn’t love a shelf, or a #shelfie ?! Look through Pinterest or Instagram and you can find hundreds and thousands of stylish shelves, but how many of them are practical? 

I don’t know about you but for me shelves are definitely a practical thing. Lack of space/storage means a need for shelving, it’s just a bonus that it also helps to fill a blank wall and add to the decor. 

Don’t get me wrong, I can swoon over a minimal, beautiful shelf display as much as the next Instagram addict, but could I have one in my house?

When we first put up our kitchen shelves last year I put very few, pretty things on them and the fella’s reaction wasn’t great. Something along the lines of wanting to be able to use the shelves not just look at them. 

So I re-thought it. Too much time online made me think I had to have shelves like that, but I stepped back and thought about why we put these shelves up and what items it would be handy to have on them. They are our shelves in our home after all. So I put on the items that we use most days, and I threw on some of our favourite items to balance it out.

Last week we re-painted the kitchen which included some shelf faffing time at the end. It made me think about how I style our shelves and this obsession with showroom like homes. I don’t know about you but we live in our house, we need it to be practical and to fit our needs. Especially with a one year old!

We have an alcove in our living room with four shelves and I’ve never really been happy with how it looks. We are decorating in there next month and I can’t wait to have a play round and get things looking like us. Like they belong in our house. Because they’re our items, our belongings on our shelves.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this quandry over shelving and help by telling me what your answer is!



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