An update // July already!

So it’s already summer!?! Summer for us will probably mean lots of money saving and inexpensive days out but I still wanted to share with you what we will be up to…
Days out! A family day at the beach is planned. We have got Duncs sisters, partners and little ones all joining us on the north Devon coast and I can’t wait. We are also hoping to use a voucher I was given for my 30th to visit Thatchers cider for the day, it might even be a baby free day… We also already squeezed in a day out to Wimbleball lake which is only about a 30 minute drive away and is such a beautiful spot. Do check it out if you are ever near Exmoor.

Evenings out! If you are a fellow parent this will probably be as exciting to you as it is to us. Both sets of grandparents have offered us an evening out this month and we are grabbing the opportunities with both hands. We are heading to a cinema screening of Mindhorn at our local theatre this Friday and in a couple of weeks Dunc has promised me a meal out. We have not had a night out just the two of us in over a year since before Wilf was born… I hope we find stuff to talk about!!! I’m mostly joking!

The end of the month sees two whole years since we picked up the keys to our home, eeeek! We have some time off work and as well as doing lovely things we might try and do some painting as well. Freshen up the downstairs which hasn’t had much love of late.

I have also decided it is time to crack down on my personal budgeting. When I was in my teens I would come home from my part time work and do a weekly budget of income, money owed (usually to parents), money I could afford to save and what I had left over to spend. I need to get back to being this organised and on top of it instead of just avoiding checking my bank balance and hoping for the best!

I would love to hear your plans for summer below. Including any suggestions of cheap family activities.



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