Parenting // Changing station

What our changing station looks like has changed alot over this last year. I thought it would be helpful to give you ideas of what to include in yours.
First off, I would suggest buying two baskets. One for the nursery and one for the lounge. In those early weeks your little one will need so many nappy changes and trust me, you won’t be wanting to run upstairs ten times a day. At first we had two rectangular woven baskets about 20cm x 40cm. These allowed us to fit lots in during those manic months and the less often you have to re-fill it, the better!
We filled each basket about two thirds full of nappies and the rest of the space was taken up with:

  • Cotton balls – we didn’t use wipes with Wilf until he was around 4-6 weeks old as babies skin is so sensitive and it was actually easier and cheaper so I would definitely recommend doing this over water wipes. But you will need a tub of fresh warm water (we just used an old ice cream tub!).
  • Nappy cream – we didn’t need to use this for months but better to have it to hand should you find a red bum mid change. 
  • A pack of nappy bags – for dirty nappies, always use for pooey ones!
  • Hand sanitiser – to clean your hands before/after without having to run to the sink.
  •  ~ Downstairs basket only ~ spare clothes – we kept at least two baby gros and two bodysuits at all times, you may wish to add booties/hats etc depending on how warm it is.

After a few weeks the cotton balls switched to a pack of wipes and after a few months we ditched the spare clothes downstairs as the poo explosions became less freequent. At around seven months we also used smaller baskets. A slightly smaller wipe clean one was now in use in the nursery (as seen in the picture) and a small A5 size basket was used downstairs as the number of nappies didn’t need to be so high, but still handy to have a change station down there.

It’s worth mentioning that we have a nappy bin in the nursery but downstairs the full nappy bag would sit at the changing station until it got moved to the bin, this worked for us as we didn’t have other children or dogs to worry about.

We also didn’t have a change table in the nursery, hence these items being in a basket and not a drawer. We found this worked for us. If we needed to run out the room we weren’t worried about leaving him on the change mat!

Hopefully this is of help to some. I find with things like this you just don’t know what you need until you are in the midst of newborn haze.


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