An update // Joyful June

Hello June, hello summer!

June sees us attend another wedding and this time in France! It’s our first wedding abroad, our first time abroad in a couple of years and most importantly, Wilf’s first trip abroad! We are hoping to also squeeze in a catch up with one of my oldest friends who now lives in Geneva and is yet to meet Wilf. We are going for a long weekend and are staying in a chalet with friends.  

I am definitely more anxious about it than looking forward to it. I just don’t want the flight or the holiday to disturb Wilf’s routine of sleeping through! And I guess I’m always anxious about the unknown and there are so many things that could go wrong. I need to just take it a little easier I guess! The anxiety was definitely lowered once Dunc sorted our three new passports out at an urgent appointment a couple of weeks ago, thus enabling us to book flights!

June also sees me reach the end of my 5k running app. I am six weeks in and am kinda actually loving it. I did a 20 minute straight run the other day and it was nice to not be concentrating on stopping and starting. Instead I could let my mind wander and before I knew it I was three quarters of the way through! If you haven’t read about my journey so far, you might wanna catch up here and here (spoiler – six weeks ago I struggled to run for one minute).

I am also hoping for some quality friend catch ups this month. What with all the little ones birthdays and of course Wilf’s, my concentration on friendships has somewhat been lacking. So I need to get on that.

Dunc has some time off work because of our trip which will hopefully mean some quality time with him too. I am really looking forward to that. It is so easy to just meander through the days and weeks, especially when you have a little one, and on the few occassions that we have had some us time, it has been fantastic. It is good to step back and remember why you had that guys baby, you know?!

Finally I need to catch up on some long overdue life admin. Yukky boring grown up stuff that is so easy to put off. Must. Get. Better. At. Prioritising. It.

What have you got planned for June? I’m obviously also hoping for some low key family fun including BBQs, walks, enjoying our evwr improving garden and mini adventures!


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