Home life // Finding fitness

It’s not just since having Wilf that I have found excuses not to exercise. Whether it’s the cost, the weather, timings that don’t suit or anxiousness you can guarantee that I will find a reason to not exercise. 
But one of the main reasons I put off exercise over the years was embarrasment. I know I look a mess when exercising. I turn beetroot red (the worst was after a spinning class, pure hell), have sweat dripping or even pouring down my face and my hair gets frizzy. This has put me off joining classes or running past cars or people walking. I also have sizeable legs for a size 10 and they are accentuated by exercise leggings which also made me feel crap. I know exercise isn’t about looking good but if you don’t feel confident then you won’t have as much enthusiasm for it.
I have enjoyed bike riding in the past, but only where no roads whatsoever are involved. My parents live next to a canal and I used to drive to theirs then cycle as fast as I could for an hour. But we are talking six years ago now… 

I also took up exercise classes. For a couple of years I did bokwa and piloxing every week. But stopped that two years ago.

I would also like to state that I have NEVER stepped foot into a gym other than to walk through to my class. I have NEVER used gym equipment and wouldn’t even know where to start.

About three months after having Wilf I did five weeks of buggy circuits which I loved and that combined with breastfeeding got me back to pre pregnancy size in no time. But then the class changed days to the one time I had pre-booked a terms worth of baby sensory classes. So that was finished.

Then came winter and masses of eating. I am a tad over my pre pregnancy size. Some of my size 10 clothes don’t fit and I have been buying size 12 in some shops. I guess I want to slim down a little. But mostly I want to tone up. I have been lucky over my twenties in that despite a lack of exercise I have always had a slim, toned stomach. But now, not so much. I would also like to fit in some of my jeans from 2-3 years ago but not sure if keeping them is a good thing or not?? They are all super skinny!

Anyway, onto the point of this post. Finding fitness. I read a post on the fab blog, Rock my Style and it inspired me to get running. So in the early hours of a sleepless Sunday morning last weekend I downloaded a 5k running app. I went out for my first run at 7.30 that morning and I have now started my secon week and love it. 

You do three runs a week for around 30 mins and after eight weeks you reach the point where you can run a straight 5k. I am excited by this prospect.

I tried running a couple of years ago. Mainly to save the money I was spending on exercise classes, but I am not a natural runner. I used to always get stitches and get very sweaty. Now when I tried running two years ago, I think I tried to push myself too hard. This app, starts you off slow which I really like. It also gives you plenty of walking time which is where I went wrong before.
In week one you do a brisk five minute warm up walk, then run for 60 seconds and walk for 90 seconds. You then repeat the run/walk section eight times in total and finish with a five minute cool down. Then over the weeks it gets gradually harder.

I am excited to see how I get on and will update you on here. If you are debating doing something similar. Just do it. Then instead of feeling crap in two months time wishing you had started doing something. You will be two months down the road and feeling much better. Nothing will change unless you start the change!


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