An update // A day in May

Well here we are. May. A very special month to us. Wilf arrived on a day in May which means we are soon to have a one year old. What the frig?! 

I’m already feeling very emotional at the thought of him turning one and of us reaching the anniversary of the day our lives changed. I will dedicate another post to this and also perhaps further one about his birthday and his party as I could go on for ages!

So, putting aside the biggie in May, what else is happening? Well I’m hoping to get a bit fitter. I have downloaded a running app focused on reaching 5k and am determined to see it through! You run three times a week for eight weeks before reaching the 5k goal. I might even write up a post on this as I feel I have some stuff to get out of my head around being embarrased to go running and overcoming my running demons!

This month is also the month we finally sort the garden out! In April we made huge strides to get a tidy, clear garden and now we need to make it pretty! We have a wall to paint, probably some more grass seeds to sow as the last ones haven’t yet come to much, we have plants to dehead and pots to tidy. We have a patio to lay and a shed and seating to sort. Although the shed and seating might come later… Wish us luck!

Another job that keeps getting out off is that I need to get some photos printed and sort the photo frames and pictures we have that are still waiting to go on walls, so I guess we need to crack on with that.

Dunc is also away one weekend, back for two nights and away for a further night. I’m hoping I can handle solo parenting for three nights!

I am sure there is more on but all my focus is on the little man and soaking up every last second of him whilst he’s still my baby!


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