Parenting // Where did all the time go?

For the last month or two my Bloglovin feed has been full of unread posts that soon feel like something that needs to be dealt with rather than enjoyed. This never used to be the case, what’s changed? 

Well the way I spend my parenting time. A few months ago I would spend several hours each day sat still with a baby at my boob. And nine out of ten mums would agree that you soon reach for your phone or a book or the tv remote. 

I would devour my Bloglovin feed, reading every post, eagerly awaiting the next installment from my favourite bloggers. Now I’m scrolling down marking anything I’m not interested in as ‘read’ to help cut the list down.

I was also getting through books at a high rate. Reading for a good 30-40 minutes during his bedtime feed and maybe another feed aswell. It has now been three months since I picked up a book. I fall asleep too quickly to read at bedtime and am being awoken too early in the morning to squeeze in a chapter.

I was also caught up on any shows I had missed online and was watching all of the vlogs and youtube videos I could find. Now I can’t even remember what I want to watch online when I get time in the bath and maybe find I can squeeze in one ‘early to bed’ night a week that means I can fit in one vlog before falling asleep with the bedside light still on.

I guess I have officially moved from phase one of parenting to phase two. 

The moving phase. This involves constantly patrolling a moving baby who should be wearing a crash helmet. If you get time to sit, it’s probably on the floor. If you get time to eat, it’s probably something you grabbed from the kitchen before they had long enough to crawl to your side. And even then it will probably get stolen and result in a change of clothes (them, not you).

There is also lots of comforting for a teething baby which usually involes a cuddle and a walk around the garden. 

He of course needs constant stimulation too and obviously I enjoy spending time helping him learn new skills and the like, but it can be exhausting.

This is all not to mention the fact that I’m back at work. I have found my energy levels to have dipped loads since returning to work so I really don’t have the time or energy to be reading stuff for me. You will also have noticed a dip in how often I’m posting on here. I want my energy and focus to go into Wilf but I guess I also need to focus on me sometimes to be a good mum. Speaking of which I went out for a run on Sunday morning and it felt ruddy brilliant. Must. Do. It. More.

Has anyone else experienced this? If anyone has any tips for finding you time with an almost one year old and I am all ears!!


2 thoughts on “Parenting // Where did all the time go?

  1. Tracey, would you consider sharing a post about your experience of going back to work after having Wilf, and how things have been going since you’ve been back? I’d be really interested to hear your take on this…

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