Interiors // Nursery tour

I love Wilf’s nursery, it might not have any fancy painting skills or posh furniture but it is my favourite room in the house. I love hanging out in here during the day with my little man whilst I sort out his clothes washing or have a tidy. 

The room has a bit of a woodland theme, but we didn’t want anything over the top. It is also a bit of a mish mash of furniture that has mostly been inherited from grandparents, parents, family friends or bought from Ikea!

Next to the chest of drawers are those essentials, a laundry basket and a nappy bin! Then underneath we have a cloud storage box filled with nappy changing items. We keep the changing mat under the cot as we decided early on that we didn’t want a changing table and I am so glad we made that choice.

The aeroplane shelf was in Dunc’s room when he was a boy and so we had to have it in here. The nursing chair was my great-grandmothers. My aunt re-upholstered it but we still want to keep it in good condition, hence the throw. The small table was made by Dunc’s grandad and has been so useful.

The Somerset print is one that I bought a few years ago, I love this artists work and we wanted it to be part of the nursery as it has lots of special places highlighted on it.

Above his cot is a custom name garland from Secret Craft House, a print, photo, shelf and some bits I crafted.

There are lots of other nice touches around the room too, including greenery, shoes, toys and books.

We have a chest by the door which is full of blankets and has a memory box on top which I couldn’t resist. Wilf likes to use this as a drum. His racoon nursery bag is also a hit and hangs on the hooks we bought from Ikea alongside his dressing gown, flat cap and a ‘born in 2016’ hanger we were gifted.

This room has really developed since Wilf has been born. We had new carpet down and the furniture and blind were in place before he was born, but most of the items which really bring the room together have either been gifted or bought since he has been here. I guess it just felt odd to have a fully decorated room before even meeting him. We needed to know him to make the space his. 

We still have some bits to do such as put up book shelves so I will update you once that is done!

I hope you have enjoyed this tour, I don’t know about you but I love a good nosey around people’s homes!



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