An update // April has sprung

After a very slow March, April is finally here, hopefully with sunnier skies, warmer days, plenty of Wilf chatter and all the Spring flowers.

So what does this month have in store for us? Well, we have a few busy weekends full of catching up with friends and family and even a wedding on Easter weekend (poor timing people, come on). The wedding is a few hours drive away in Surrey and as Wilf wasn’t invited we will be having our first whole night away from him. Aaaahhh. Not quite sure how I feel about it to be honest.

Speaking of Wilf, April sees him turn eleven months old, his last milestone before turning one! How is that even possible? We need to start planning his birthday party pronto.

Said party will be held in our garden which means we need to crack on with tidying up all the mess left over from the wall being sorted (hurrah), painting the wall, buying and erecting a shed, painting the shed and sowing grass seed as I am fed up of looking at ugly ‘borders’ we inherited that we can’t really afford to fill with lots of pretty plants. Lots to do so we need to get a move on!

The garden needs some attention this month

Of course Easter has rolled around again, I feel the need to do some Easter baking, mostly to blame for this is Jane’s patisserie as she just keeps cranking out loads of amazing looking bakes that I NEED to recreate. I also need to eat some mini eggs stat as no Easter chocolate has passed my lips so far this year. I wish we were having another Easter gathering as I loved last years.

Last years Easter goodies
I also need to renew my passport and get a new one for Wilf as we need to get flights booked for another wedding, this time abroad, later this year (though not far away now).

And I feel a major spring clean coming on, I had a big clear out a few weeks back and need to get some stuff on Ebay and get a load of stuff off to the charity shop. It always feels so good to de-clutter and tidy. I feel a lot more ruthless about my ‘stuff’ since having Wilf.

I do need to buy some Spring/Summer clothes though. After being pregnant last year I haven’t really got much that suits me anymore/fits me/has aged well so an Asos spree might be on the horizon.

So a busy and expensive month awaits us then! Oh joy!!



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