In my head // What happiness is to me

I’ve had a wierd few weeks. My emotions have been all over the place and I haven’t quite felt, well, very me. After hearing it is national happiness day I thought about what makes me happy to help me remember those little nuggets of pure elation.

Wilf looking at me, smiling at me, holding his arms out to me

Dunc sneaking up and giving me a surprise kiss and a cuddle

Monty’s white paws

Pulling a perfectly baked cake out the oven

Hanging clothes out on the washing line

Folding up clothes washing

Timing starting a tub of ben and jerrys with good trashy tele

An afternoon walk in the fields behind our house

Finding a new piece of clothing that fits like a dream, is comfortable and looks great

Standing in a warm shower

Keeping plants alive

Curling up into fresh bedding

Not having money woes hanging over our heads

Dreaming of holidays

Remembering how I grew a teeny Wilf inside me and how I gave birth to him and how flipping amazing that is

Having a spare bulb waiting when one blows

Reverse parking like a dream in one take

The moon shining brightly into the bathroom

Crouching in the garden, eating the first fruit of the crop

Having a clean and tidy house

Drinking a crisp cider in a field whilst funk music plays

Realising the book you are reading is ruddy fab

Finding parent and child parking at the supermarket

Walking home in the rain

Remembering there is chocolate in the house

When Dunc looks at me and everything else seems so small

There are so many amazing things in our lives that make us happy and it is lovely to step back and remember that. 

I would love to know what would make your list.


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