Parenting // A new chapter

Monday was the start of our next chapter, of my life as a working mum.

I made the most of my last few days with Wilf before Monday, including this sleepy snuggle on Sunday afternoon.

I got everything ready for our first real day apart. I sorted our lunches, packed my bag, got my outfit ready and wrote up his schedule for his doting grandparents. 

Then I barely slept on Sunday night. Then Wilf slept in for half an hour, giving me loads of time to get ready. Then I got loads of lovely messages from friends and family wishing me well. Then everyone at work was so welcoming. Then work was actually okay. Then I got a message from said grandparents to let me know how great Wilf was being and I felt more relaxed. Then I got into work and then I started clock watching. Then I came home to masses of cuddles and smiles and clapping and kisses (read, open mouthed face plants) and I was in heaven. Then we put together his new walker and he was in heaven too. Walking as quickly as he could around the living room, gripping onto the handle so tightly whilst giving us the biggest smiles.

So I guess where I’m going with this is that all in all it was actually okay. Just because something is different, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. We all need challenges. Maternity leave life can’t just continue forever.  It that doesn’t mean that the next chapter won’t be as good. 

I don’t know if these ramblings make sense. It is late and I’ve had a long day, I just had to write my thoughts down.

Here’s hoping that day number two goes as well…



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