Parenting // Nine months in, nine months out

Last Sunday Wilf reached the big nine month mark. I still can’t get my head around how fast time is going. I can’t understand how nine months have passed. People always told me that it would go quickly, I just never imagined it would be this fast. I think it has been emphasised by my friend having a baby in February, seeing how tiny and still he is, then turning to see Wilf crawling everywhere, pulling himself up on everything, just sitting up even. I can’t picture him being so tiny.

It also seems crazy that he has been here as long as he was tucked up inside me all safe and sound. My pregnancy was not fun and it felt like it went on forever, definitely more so than the time that he has been here.

So where is my little man at? Well like I said he is all over the place, crawling at great speeds and pulling himself up on everything, even if there isn’t much to grip onto he still finds a way onto his feet. 

He smiles all the time, even when his teeth bother him we can still get some amazing smiles and giggles. Mostly with kisses, making silly noises or singing like a loon. But he has started to get a bit upset if I leave the room, more so than in the past. 

He still loves to put everything in his mouth and his socks are a current favourite. He loves to play with Monty’s cat toys which confuses Monty greatly and he loves Monty loads. He still squeals with delight each time he sees him and enjoys chasing him around. 

He is really inquisitive and notices everything, he wants to have a look at whatever you’re holding and is still obsessed with any electronics. He also wants to eat everything. If he sees you eating, boy will he be upset if he can’t have some!  He has taken food from the hands of his friends on several occassions. 

We have had over a month of 12 hour over night sleep stints and his daytime naps are improving all the time. Hurrah, parent win!

To us he is amazing. He is so cheeky and happy. He is beautiful. He is intelligent. He is our incredible little boy and I can’t believe we are already planning his first birthday. I hope that he knows how much we love him and how important he is to us. Our lives our so much better for him being here (even if I occassionally crave some baby free time just to get shit done!).



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