An update // It’s all change in March

So, it is finally here. The dredded month in which I return to work after I walked out of my office at the end of April last year, not having a clue how much our lives were to change.

I feel like I should be positive about it, but I am really struggling. I thought after all this time I would be craving work, but the truth is that I’m not. I love spending time with my beautiful boy. I love not knowing what we will do at the start of each week yet be exhausted by the end of it. I love having a sit down with a hot drink and watching him play, before I join in and get some gorgeous smiles out of him. 

I am going back three days a week, and have less than two weeks to go. I need to man up! If anyone has any tips, please share!

Next week brings Wilf’s two first taster sessions at nursery before he starts the following week. I feel good about the nursery and am excited to see how much Wilf grows in confidence from his time there.

March also brings the first wedding of the year, and Wilf’s first wedding ever! Still need to sort out what Wilf and I are wearing. Dunc is an usher as it is one of his oldest friends who is getting married at the famous River Cottage. I am really looking forward to it and hoping I can juggle Wilf and all baby bits whilst Dunc does usher duties as I don’t know anyone there who isn’t in the bridal party!

And at last Spring has sprung, hurrah for daffodils which are already blooming in our garden. I am so looking foward to warmer weather and longer days. It means more time out and about and more enthusiasm to do stuff in the evenings. 

I also want to start planning our Spring and Summer. We have some trips to take and a special birthday to celebrate. I need to sort our passports and just make some decisions.

So it seems like a quiet month but we’ve not planned much on purpose as we are gonna have to settle into a new routine soon. Eeeeeek, wish me luck!



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