Interiors // Our house before

Somehow the 18 months since we moved in have flown by (this is us on our first night there, the day after picking up the keys). 

I haven’t shown any ‘before’ pictures online yet and so thought now would be good chance to look back at what we’ve achieved in the run up to our two year anniversary of picking up the keys and driving to our beautiful mill with the maccabees blaring out and massive smiles on our faces.
The chap who lived here before didn’t leave the house in the cleanest or tidiest of conditions so we had to get cleaning before moving in the next day…. Warning, don’t expect a bottle of fizz and a card as not all homeowners are that thoughtful. We were actually left with alot of his junk that we had to get rid of. Anyway, rant over, here we go.


Please note the terracotta walls, oooh how, erm, 90s, pass me the white emulsion.

So far we have painted, put shelves up, put curtains and a light fitting up, changed up the sockets and switches (done this throughout the house) and added some homely touches.


This is the room that has had the most attention as no we didn’t want yellow walls and yellow cupboards, greasy glass light fittings, an archway or built in dresser as they all made the room so dark! Oh and they were all horrible. Farewall dark and dingy kitchen…
Hello new kitchen, aaahhhhhh, that’s more like it. Check out more about our new kitchen here.


We were late to the game with this one, leaving it almost a year till we touched it. 

As you can see here, we gave it a fresh lick of paint, a splash of colour and a new blind, much better.


This built in cupboard took up so much space and as it turned out when we took it down, was very shoddily made. We knew on our first viewing that it had to go to make the room more useable.

We re-painted, added a cute fox blind, re-carpeted and added an amazing aeroplane shelf.


The bathroom was fairly new anyway, but the shell light cord went!

Apart from painting and adding some homely touches we are yet to update the downstairs toilet.

The other parts of the house haven’t had masses done yet, mostly painting and updating switches, sockets and light fittings.

There is still lots on our to do list but that’s kind of the joy with your own home isn’t it? Always something to add to or improve or update. Just wish we had some more money and some baby free time to make getting stuff done easier!

I hope to put some room tours of our living room and nursery up on here soon. But do let me know if there is anything else that you would like to see.


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