An Update // A month of birthdays

Well February is already here. 2017 seems to be going so quickly already.
We have a busy first half of the month before things slow down. February is also the month of birthdays. Within the first two weeks I have TEN BIRTHDAYS and one of is Dunc’s! I know, I must get on well with Aquarians! A lot of the birthdays are some of my oldest friends who are all joining me at the big ‘ol 3-0 so I’m hoping to catch up with some of them. 

Regarding Dunc’s big day, I think we will celebrate quietly in the evening once he’s home from work. I have his presents all sorted and want to do something at the weekend. Hopefully we can head down to the Dorset coast, but if the weather is bad I think I might get some goodies for a film day or evening at home as he loves films.

One piece of exciting news is that we picked up the keys to our new family car today! We have a beautiful qashaqi sitting next to my fiesta on the drive and I cannot wait to drive her. It also means that later this month we can upgrade Wilf to a bigger and better car seat, finally!

The big thing that has just started is a repair of our wall. We have a long stone wall running from the house, down to the end of the garden and along the bottom, through to next door. On the other side of the wall is a large stream which connects to the river (our house used to be a watermill). Almost a year ago we noticed a crack down in the corner of the wall, this has very slowly got worse and we finally got some availability from the builders to come and sort it. This means pulling down the corner of the wall, putting a solid base in and re-building it. The wall is over 200 years old and you can see where it has been patched up in the past so the only option was to do a proper job. We currently have a huge gap in the bottom of our garden wall, but it will be great once it is finished and we can decide what to do with that area, put a shed up (to replace the large one we had to take down), or have a seating/bbq area?? Or both??

I also have a quiet weekend planned next weekend. Dunc is up North on a stag do leaving just me and the little man so my evenings will be spent trying to finish watching the Last Kingdom on Netflix and probably doing some good old pampering.

The other big thing this month is work. I have a few back to work stints including a whole day away from Wilf. Not sure how I will cope but I am gonna need to get used to it. Especially as February is my last full month on maternity leave!!

That’s just about it, I hope you enjoy reading these update posts as I really enjoy writing them, please let me know below!



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