An Update // A quiet month

Oh January. You quiet little thing.

We have been taking this month and year I guess, slowly so far. We haven’t done too much. A bit of sorting and faffing in the house. Some nice walks and evenings curled up on the sofa is what our January has mostly looked like. 

However, we had our first night out together last weekend without Wilf. It was the first time we have left the house together without him since we were on our way to the hospital during labour!

We put him to bed then left him with his grandparents for five hours. Eeeek! It was amazing to just be us for a few hours and we had the best time. But we did sneak into his room for a kiss on his head before we rolled into our bed.

In other news, this month Dunc is starting a new job, I am sorting out my return to work and Wilf’s nursery placement, Dunc is upgrading his car (after the one hastily purchased a few days before Wilf’s arrival so that we would have two cars) and I have lots of catch ups with lots of friends.

What a lovely few weeks!



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