An Update // I’m coming for you 2017

After such a fab year (personally I mean, not globally), I am looking forward to getting stuck in to 2017. 

I didn’t write up a post like this for 2016 and I wish I had of done as I would love to read it now. Hence this bad boy. 

This is what I will be or aim to be achieving in 2017…

Tackling new challenges with Wilf
We have some weddings this year, one of which is in France. Weddings and travel with a baby will be a new one for us… I will also be returning to work so learning to juggle everything will be interesting.

Career goals
I don’t want to go in to much detail, but I have some thoughts in the air when it comes to my career. I will of course keep you posted.

Updating the house
After visiting friends who have decorated their house perfectly, I feel inspired to make our house that bit cosier. I want to paint the lounge in a nice warming tone, ‘walnut’ from Dulux might be the one. Then I want to re-carpet the lounge or maybe buy a rug…  The kitchen needs some attention as we never really finished it so I’d like to get that finally sorted. Then we need to get all the storage crap out of the study and make it a proper study. So yeah, be prepared for more interior posts!

Keeping active 
I want to do a 5k this year, which means kicking my but into gear and getting fit. Wish me luck!

Getting crafty 
Instead of spending evenings in front of a screen, I want to do more crafts. Hopefully I will find some time. I’ve been thinking of learning pottery for a while, just need to manage Wilf’s bedtimes (read stop breastfeeding at bedtime) so that I can get out.

Find my style
Since having Wilf I haven’t really bothered about styling myself. Clothes have been more about comfort and being boob accessible. But I want to find my style mojo again and buy some key items to update my wardrobe. Need to be more about buying those pieces that will go with lots. Not random items that won’t go with much (but are so beautiful you can’t not buy).

Get out more
I want the three of us to have more days out. Make the most of any days off Dunc has and make memories. Maybe once a month we can try to have a a family outing?

That’s what my 2017 will look like. I know these are all very me orientated but I feel that 2016 wasn’t so I need to find me again! What are you hoping to do this year? I would love to hear from you!


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