An Update // Farewell 2016

What a year. The best of my life. Here are some highlights…

It’s a boy! Wilf arrives

My pregnancy was a bit of a rollercoaster. Late in 2015 we were told that a screening result early on in the pregnancy meant our baby could have problems potentially leading to us not being able to continue with the pregnancy. Then came eight of the longest weeks of our lives until our 20 week scan in which everything looked perfect. Although we still had to have a specialised ultrasound and underwent extra monitoring (I had eight ultrasounds during my pregnancy), we felt more positive with each one and from starting the year at such a low place, it felt incredible to be able to finally enjoy the pregnancy and start purchasing baby related items. 

Then in May our perfect little man arrived. Life has never been better. Yes it is hard and some days are beyond tough but it really is the most incredible feeling. To be a mum, to love your child, I don’t think there is anything like it. We are so incredibly lucky and our troubles early on only made us realise that more.

The mum tribe ! Making new friends

Because of Wilf I have met some of the most incredible ladies who I am proud to call some of my closest friends. Our bond is so strong and in many ways I feel closer to them than school friends of almost 20 years. They have made the minefield of parenting 100 times easier and meeting up each week has been an absoloute blast. What has made it so good is that it’s also about the dads. They all know each other and we meet for evening games nights (with sleeping babies in tow), days out and trips away. I love that there is no bullshit. We do what we say we wanna do, we don’t just promise to plan a meet up, it always happens. Love these ladies.

Regular posting – Finding my blogging gear

After a slow start I began to reguarly post on the blog and I love it. I have had more views than I could have imagined and have received some lovely comments. This is like a little diary for me and I love the interaction with you on top of that. I hope that you find my posts interesting and can bear with some questionable camera skills.

Career break – that maternity leave life
Not working has been so good for me. After eight years at the same company and three in the same role, I needed a break (well from the tedious routine of work, parenting is definitly not a break). Although I am still not looking forward to returning I have made the most of my days and weeks. Shame it has all flown by so quickly. I never thought by this point I would still be enjoying home life, by eight months I thought I would be craving work but not so much…

Home updates – Sorting out the mill

We got the kitchen tiled and painted. Put up shelves, hooks and light fittings around the house. We carpeted and furnished the nursery, painted our bedroom and put finishing touches to most places and it feels like our little haven. I still have to pinch myself that we actually own our gorgeous mill, and although it isn’t our forever home, it will always be so, so special to us.

Hitting a milestone – The big 3-0

This year I turned 30 and it was actually fine. I had a quiet day with my little family and a party with friends a few days before which was so much fun. I don’t really feel 30, I guess it will take a year or two to sink in that I have reached this decade of my life. Okay so I may not have an amazing career, be married or still be any good at make up but there are so many positives in my life and I feel like I need to embrace life more. I spent my early twenties living a very dull, mundane and isolated life with a bi-polar ex who shut us away from the world. It doesn’t feel like my life when I look back and I can’t believe I wasted so much of those years doing bugger all. I am determined not to let my thirties slip by. I want Wilf to be proud of his mumma.

This last year has had so many highs for us; all of Wilf’s firsts, two holidays and several days out, welcoming a new neice, our five year anniversary, a year of being in our home, and spending more time with friends and family. I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for us and I hope that you will join me for the ride.



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