Home Life // Discovering pyjamas

So this might sound a bit ridiculous but I never used to get the point of pjs. I would just wear old baggy t-shirts to bed and wear normal clothes the rest of the time. 
It wasn’t until I had a major change in my home life that things changed. Six years ago I came out of a long term relationship where we lived together. I then moved into a flat on my own. One of the first things I bought were some beautiful Calvin Klein pyjama bottoms from a local outlet shopping centre (meaning they were totally affordable). I still wear them reguarly now and always have done for six years, what a bloody good purchase. They show no sign of ageing!

Anyway, I guess because it was winter and I was alone, I felt colder and they seemed like a logical purchase as well as a treat. And because I was also either alone or ‘hosting’ (read-having friends stay over when drinking) it meant that being comfy trumped actual proper clothes. Six months later I moved in with a friend and pjs and comfy clothes started to really become a thing.
Since living with Dunc my pyjama/comfy clothes collection has got so big it fills almost an entire drawer. Hopefully this is not a poor reflection on my dressing standards but perhaps more a reflection on my reluctance to throw clothes away, and when they’re for lounging surely they have to be in dire straits to be chucked?

I now have pj bottoms from Fatface, soft and thick festive leggings from Primark, casual bottoms from Asda and Matalan and some mens pj bottoms that Dunc found in TXMaxx when I was going through pregnancy bloating (and yes I still wear them, so comfy).

Recently when feeding Wilf in the night I found that my arms were cold, that led me to realise that ALL of my pj/comfy tops are still just t-shirts (mostly over sized ones, a mens small Teenage Mutant Ninja t-shirt being a firm favourite). So I bought a couple of thin, long sleeved tops from Primark and guess what… Total game changer. I love them. I now feel that perhaps it is time to up my pyjama game and invest in some proper pj sets. At the grand old age of thirty I might be ready for them.

Any advice or suggestions on where to buy from or links to beautiful pjs that I need in my life would be greatly appreciated (the above are from Fatface, I need other shop suggestions!). I got a huge fluffy grey dressing gown for my birthday so I think anything would look good with it.
Here is to finally finding pyjamas and to living in them on cosy winter evenings.


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