Shopping // A Lush Christmas

Seeing as my last Lush post was such a hit, I had to hit up my local store for some Christmas themed bath bombs. The things I do for you guys.

So, if you need to sort a secret santa, fill a stocking or just grab a last minute gift, here is my rundown of some of the goodies I bought.

  • The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar – I used this at the weekend and it was so good. It made my skin feel so soft and creamy both in the bath and out. I was so relaxed I fell asleep for over an hour! Plus you can’t go wrong with a cute penguin.
  • Northen Lights Bath Bomb – Apparently this one spins round as it releases lots of different colours into the water. Can’t wait to try it out. It also smells beautiful.
  • Butter Bear Bath Bomb – As I have never tried this one before I felt compelled to buy it to help look after my skin in this cold weather. I’ve heard lots of good things about it.
  • Snow Angel Bath Melt – Another beautiful Christmas product, it smells divine and looks like it will be amazing. I think this will be my chosen product in my next bath.

So have you been into Lush recently? Do tell me below what you’ve bought and of course let me know if you try any of these beauties.

I can’t wait to find time for a bath before the new year arrives, a little slice of relaxation in amidst the chaos of the festivities.


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