Creating // Making gifts

Every year I make a hamper of homemade goodies for our families at Christmas containing chutneys, sloe gin, sweet treats and the like. Last year I even potted up some tulip bulbs. This year we are still going down the hamper route and I thought I would share my plans with you. 

The addition this year is that I also want to craft some gifts. However time is my enemy this Christmas, it’s not that easy to get much done whilst looking after Wilf so we will have to see how things go…

Snaps of previous homemade gifts:

So my planned hamper contents this year are:

  • Chocolate coins or bark
  • Boxing day chutney (the hit of 2015 is making a comeback)
  • Clementine curd
  • Marinated feta
  • Spiced olived
  • Marinated peppers
  • Gingerbread truffles

    Over the last few nights I’ve made the curd and chutney and a test run of the truffles. All is going well. I’m hoping to get the rest done this weekend and crack on with some crafting too. I will probably spend my evenings from now up until Christmas, crafting. 

    Craft wise I am sewing some patterns in hoops, weaving some wall hangings and looking at personalising some frames. I would love to do more but as usual, I have not really started early enough!
     I would love to hear from you guys with any gifts that you make!


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