An Update // It’s Chriiiiiiisssstmaaaassssss

I am so so happy that December is here. I have felt ill this week but today it all changed and we started to sort out our advent calendars (eeeek) and feel festive! So here’s what this next month holds for us…

  1. Christmas day, obviously! – As discussed in this post we are spending this first year as a family in our new home (last year the kitchen wasn’t really finished and Wilf was just a bump so didn’t count!)  and I am soooo excited. When you’re around others you can never fully relax as much as when it’s just you guys (or is that just me?). I am sure there will be about a million photos of Wilf!
  2. Christmas hosting – It looks like we will be having my folks over on boxing day after a flood at theirs meaning that any hosting duties over Christmas are cancelled (I did invite them over ours on the big day but they declined, instead opting for my aunts). We will then have Duncs family over the next day. I’m hoping to start shopping and food planning this week!
  3. Christmas shopping – We have already started this and also make some of our presents which I will crack on with next weekend. We decided not to get each other anything this year as money is tight with my maternity leave, deciding instead to make memories and get others gifts. We were thinking of treating ourselves to a day at Bath Spa in the new year minus Wilf, as our Xmas gift so we will see if we get round to that… 
  4. Getting our tree – Originally I had planned for us to venture out to the place we always go (where my folks went when I was little) today (Sunday) but found out yesterday from my dad that the chap who runs it has shut up shop this year! However, he has very kindly offered to chop a tree down for us (as he and my dad have been neighbours for decades) so my dad will be turning up with whatever they chose for us. I am excited but also a little worried… watch this space.
  5. Festive traditions – I want to start some this year with Wilf and would love some suggestions from you guys. I am already planning some festive bakes, decorating to Christmas songs and a day of festive films, food and drink. Also want to make some decorations/cards with Wilf and get out for a walk most days but more ideas would be welcomed.
  6. New Years – I detest new years and the pressure to have exciting plans. We usually ignore it. However, as it is Wilfs first we decided to do something and so are staying in Northamptonshire for the weekend with my friend, her hubby and their two year old. I can’t wait, she is a school friend and we always have so much to catch up on. I am also looking forward to spending quality time with their little girl and having a quiet new years in.

So, a very festive post, but why wouldn’t it be in December?! I love this time of year and having our little man is gonna make this year even better. I just have to remember to chill out, enjoy it and not worry if things go off plan…!

Would love to hear your plans for the month below.



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