Shopping // Black November

So black Friday may be at a close but it seems us brits have turned it into what feels like black November with all of these extended deals. I really resent buying anything and certainly won’t buy something just because, however I have snapped up a few bargains which were things I needed to get anyway, honest!
First up I decided recently I needed some new jumpers as I seemed to have stretched all mine in pregnancy (well done smug 7 month pregnant Tracey for thinking you were getting away without buying maternity clothes). So I picked up this beaut at Asos. Originally £38, with their 20% discount, the remnants of a discount card and free delivery I paid just £20.60. Thank you very much. It is light grey, has buttons for style down one side and is beautiful.

I then picked up some baby Christmas presents from Sarah & Bendrix Kids. A beautiful wooden kepsake present for our five month old neice, Maple was first on the list and I got a pull along wooden duck and duckling with a personalised bag. Too cute. I also have a secret santa present now sorted for my NCT mum group, another wooden keepsake toy with personalised bag. Finally I thought it wouldn’t be right to not get Wilf a little something too. Their 25% off sale plus free delivery was amazing value for such beautiful pieces and they arrived within a week.

Lastly a friend sent me a link to the mama & papas sale which included their snug feeding chairs at over half price. I have been looking out for one of these on second hand sites so was delighted to pick one up at £19 and couldn’t resist the toy tray and a high chair table top toy aswell.

Did you make use of the sales to buy something much needed or did you get caught by a bargain that you never knew you needed? I would love to know!


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