Parenting // Happy half birthday little man

So. Here we are, six months in. The craziest, most sleep deprived, most exciting, happiest, fantastic six months of my life. 

Wilf, I am writing this to you. I want you to know that you have made us happier than we have ever been before. You make our lives better and you make me want to be a better person and forge myself a better career, for you.

You are the most important person to me. You are first in my thoughts before everything else and I couldn’t be happier about it. We love you so much. 

I love it when you look me in the eye, when you smile at me, when you learn something new and then when you master it. I love it when you sleep!

We have taken you on two little holidays, a week in Cornwall and a weekend at centerparcs. We have taken you on days out and to parties. You have taken it all in your stride and shown us how chilled you are.

You moved into your own room a couple of weeks ago and although I worried all through the first night (resulting in very little sleep for me), you took to it so well. 
You are now starting to taste different foods and seem keen to try anything. You are such a happy little boy and we feel very lucky.

You can roll from your front to your back and are so close to rolling back but you’re not quite there. You need help sitting up and your leg strength has got so good these last few days. You like grabbing and holding onto things, mostly my hair but sometimes your toys. Everything goes into your mouth and you have finally mastered Sophie La Giraffe. 

You enjoy sitting in your high chair and throwing your toys off, mainly by stretching your arms out to the side and releasing your grip on them. You love tummy time and stretching up on your arms lifting your belly off the floor. You also like skydiving (waiving all your limbs around during tummy time) and being thrown up and caught. You like a good nursery rhyme and love a screen, not being able to take your eyes off a lit up phone or tablet. Your current favourite game is peek-a-boo and you like to exercise your voice with screeches and chatter. You like to stare at Monty and touch his fur, he makes you smile.

Thank you for coming into our lives and for making everything better. I can’t wait to see the person that you grow up to be, but for now I’m enjoying all of the cuddles and all of the smiles. I love you Wilf.


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