Celebrations // My 30th birthday party

So after all my deliberations in this post, I finally decided to go for a bonfire party. I’m afraid there are very few ‘during’ pictures as we were all having far too much fun to remember to take any!

Dunc and I got the house and garden ready by setting up lots of fairy lights, lanterns, candles and seating. We set up a corner of the garden for our ‘bonfire’ which was an incinerator from Wickes – much safer and less messy than a normal fire. We also made sure there were blankets and lights aplenty.

Inside we had more lights and candles along with some awesome balloons which were all Ebay purchases and got so many positive comments.

Earlier in the day a friend dropped round my present of a bramley apple tree which she had also decorates for the party as she couldn’t make it, so kind!

We spent a couple of days prepping food. Dunc put a pork shoulder in the slow cooker for most of Friday then on Saturday once guests started arriving, popped it in the oven to warm up. There were bread rolls and apple sauce (made from apples from my parents bramley tree). He also got some stuffed potato skins ready at the same time and warmed these up too. We also had some homemade sausage rolls from my mum and crisps/crudites to be munched on. 

For those with a sweet tooth I made my tiffin which is always a hit and is so simple to make (recipe coming soon for you guys) and my mum made some devine millionaires shortbread. One of my friends surprised me with a birthday cake and our neice made me a cookie cake!

For entertainment we had a few things planned. I stocked up on sparklers and set up a sparker station complete with gloves, hats, water for extinguishing and of course, giant sparkers. We all attemted to write our names and the little kids were entranced! We also had some marshmallows to toast, my friend bought giant ones (which are about six times the size of a normal one) and some popcorn kernels in a nifty basket. We planned to hang a line of doughnuts to be eaten without using hands or licking lips but we didn’t get round to it.

I got some amazing gifts, and was helped to open them by the younger guests. I think I will do a seperate post on what I received for those of you as nosey as me!

Of course there was a lot of cider consumed (including some mulled cider of course), prosecco, wine and beers.

I had a load of friends old and new to help me celebrate and had just the best time. Dunc was amazing and made sure everything ran smoothly. Wilf was also a little superstar despite us taking him out of his normal routine.
All in all a really good evening. I don’t think I expected to have such a good time but I was just so relaxed and was glad that all my planning and our hard work was paying off! The party also didn’t cost very much which is a bonus of course!

If you want more info on any aspect of the party from recipes to decor, leave me a comment below!



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