An Update // Remember, November

Lots of people dismiss November and I think see it as getting in the way of Christmas. For me however, November is my birthday month which means some excitment and celebrations are afoot before the first advent chocolate is devoured. This is what we’re up to this month…

  1. My birthday party – last night we held a bonfire party in our house/garden which was even better than I invisaged, I think I will write up a full post on it this week. Friends new and old were there and lots of little ones. Wilf was a star and we just had a blast.
  2. My birthday – is on Monday, think it will be a quiet day for the three of us and I can’t wait to spend quality time with my favourites.
  3. Centerparcs – I have never been before but always wanted to, the closest one to us is only about an hour away and thats where we are headed in a few weeks with my new mum friends. Eleven adults and six babies! We are also heading to Longleat the day we arrive before check-in which includes seeing ‘the festival of light’.
  4. Festive shopping – I need to crack on with my christmas shopping and probably buy a few more decorations as you can never have too many. I really want a garland but don’t have a mantlepiece and not really sure where we could display it.
  5. Candles – I have used candles as decor for years but have decided to actually light them now that the evenings are drawing in and Wilf is in bed by 7.30 (reduces danger and anxiety!). The house just feels so cosy with the flickering light.
  6. Planning for 2017 – we really need to crack on with sorting out my return to work next year, not looking forward to it but we need my income!
  7. Wilf milestones – lots happening this month, Wilf will move into his own room, we are starting weaning and he turns six months old. I can’t believe how quickly this has all come around but I love how fun he is now, really interactive, responsive and full of smiles but not yet on the move!

    Another busy one! What are you up to?


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